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    Wink Super Rub a Dub Already on Euro PS3

    Though Sony Computer Entertainment America delivered a mighty welcome upgrade to Gran Turismo HD this morning, alongside a demo and film trailers, Europe received the true goods, in the form of Super Rub a Dub. A PlayStation Network downloadable game based on the long-running rubber ducky tech. demos, Super Rub a Dub is not currently available in the American PlayStation Network.

    Its appearance overseas, however, suggests the game is done and Sony's simply waiting for the right time to deliver it. The right time is now, Sony!

    Thanks to for sharing the news with us!

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    Does anyone have this already? And does it require a certain firmware to run?

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    I have downloaded it and it works on 1.50

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    PS3 Square Button

    First you have to download starter pack, you have 5 levels for free. Nice one (1080) Full version 3.49. You have to use SIXAXIS to control the platform so the duck move. You have to pick all small duck and take them to exit, but you all ready now that. Ask if you nee more info.

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    I have a problem with this game, when it starts it just make BLACK screen and the PS3 is not responding even when i press PS button

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    PS3 Square Button

    Now you have your answer. Nistelroy78 try to change resolution.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rekin321 View Post
    Now you have your answer. Nistelroy78 try to change resolution.
    Hmm, it should be necessary , i have put my HDMI output for 576P / 720P and 1080i that is optimal for my 50" Bravia tv .. every other games can play with 1080i or else its downscale to 720P, but now i have remove the 1080i option and only the 720P and 576P .. it do the exact same thing. But i forgot to mention , the game start up and show "Playstation 3" as other games do when they start up. And flickering as other games do, then it go black.

    I have uninstalled and downloaded it again, and its the same issue. I have 1.60 Firmware so its the latest Firmware.

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    I want the link for download to PC.. Because when we buy the game, it's just a key for activation.

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    Well technically its a small download which updates/unlocks the game content which is already in the starter pack. If you can download the full game update how come you can't download the starter pack as well.

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    I have the link for Super Rub a Dub FULL GAME and IT WORKS

    [Register or Login to view code]

    I have a FULL GAME.. I use method by PS3 PRoxy Server.

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