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    Registered User wrtrtrthatever's Avatar
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    PS3 Square Button Ps3 Folder Structure

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    Does Any 1 Know The Structure Or Names Of Folders Etc That Ps3 Stores Dloaded Games Into Couldnt We Use This Method

    Ive Been Going Through A Lot Of Files Etc And Im Almost 100% that Rubbadubb Activation Is A Save File

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    Please try this link for Lemmings Activation, Portuguese download:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    I can't try, because i bought the game to see the link.

    Thanks for trying

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    Yup was already busy adding the link in before I confirmed it!!

    LEMMINGS FULL VERSION WORKS!!! Well done pjrblue! Thumbs UP and 100 CREDITS to you!!


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    Thanks! The method, connect using proxy, download the game paying, and the link appears in the proxy.

    One needs to pay, but the other not. Waiting US games, from USA people, because we don't have access from here.

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    lemmings activation does NOT work with US game version, perhaps it does on portuguese version. link? (it's not in the links thread)

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    thanks for everyone helping a poor soul, i was ready to give up on the whole thing but you all came through, thanks eternal and pjrblue!!! both games downloaded and installed just fine without background downloading on!

    nummie, try downloading the European version of Lemmings, NOT the USA version, it works just fine that way (i knew to do that since eternal has a PAL PS3)

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    The link for the EUR Lemmings starter pack is already in the Store Links Sticky Thread.

    EDIT: C'mon guys DO NOT post links to store downloads here, they are already in the Sticky!!
    Last edited by eternal; 04-11-2007 at 07:30 AM

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    thanks to whoever added the RR7 sticker packs! we almost have the list complete! Just missing the Sonic The Hedgehog Difficulty Add-Ons From The US Store And The Genji Costume Pack 2 From The HK Store!

    Awesome Work People! I'm curious if we'll see more demo/activation combos released in Eur from the previously released US Games...

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    Super Rub A Dub Full Activation Doesnt Work !! "page Can Not Be Found" Error Plz Fix This !!!


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