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    I guess this service will not work in many countries... Brazil for example!

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    May 2009
    SHAME ON YOU SONY, this will give me a good reason to boycott your product and support hacking !!

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    Dec 2010
    Sony are really trying hard to make any money they can of consumers. How about you stop being greedy and then I might consider "un-hacking" my PS3.

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    Oct 2011
    So... Is this another "franchise" to make more people to buy PS3?

    I guess PSN and DLC-thing are still not enough for this Company... What a greed... (-_-)

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    It might look like Sony is simply putting another black mark on it's reputation in this community, but take a step back and look at it comparatively.

    Apple, for instance, adopts a very strict closed policy, both when it comes to security and adult content. You won't find it in the app store. This matter is subject to debate, both from those who want it on their iPhone, and those who are pleased to have a clean device.

    Sony, through your eyes, seem evil because they also have a closed software platform, which they justify by saying that they do so to protect developers from piracy. You should expect any business, in the gaming industry or not, to protect their partners. It stops them from being castigated themselves.

    But what Sony have done here is not to fabricate their own adult movie service, but allowed one to join its platform. Because it is what thousands of consumers WANT. They're not going to plonk it straight it in the XMB or force you to sign up. People who aren't interested won't even notice it.

    Sony is simply giving consumers choice. This is what all of us want, we just want a different kind of choice. I'd love an open software community on the PlayStation, and it's not exactly like this is a step back, is it?

    My small change.

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    Agreed with PJ1115

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    yeah like there not enough on the internet

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    Aug 2011
    yeah Sony stop trying to make money it's not like you're a business or anything.

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    Nov 2010
    Shocking really , adult service on a console aimed at kids under the age of 18 , how many under 18s own a ps3 vs adults , they should be jailed for this.

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    Feb 2011
    HAHAHAHA are you for real? Here in Australia the average gamer is 35 and as the most expensive console is the PS3 I highly doubt there are many PS3 users under the age of 18.

    But yea, it doesn't belong on a console. Thats what PC's are for.

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