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    Submit Your Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Interview Questions to Sony

    Today SCEE Social Media Manager Jem Alexander has announced that Sony is seeking your Final Fantasy XIII PS3 interview questions, which can be submitted via the link above on the European PlayStation Blog.

    To quote: I still have to pinch myself to test that I'm not dreaming, but it only results in my arms being covered in bruises. Which means just one thing: Final Fantasy XIII really is releasing in less than two months time.

    Okay, two things: Final Fantasy XIII really is releasing in less than two months and I need to cut my nails.

    Luckily the wait will be slightly less painful for me because later today I'll be seeing the English version of Final Fantasy XIII in action and asking some questions to the game's producer, Yoshinori Kitase, and director, Motomu Toriyama. I can't bring you guys along and let you play the game with me (even though I'd love to!), but I can get your questions answered.

    So make sure you fill up the comments section with your most burning questions and I'll pick the best ones tonight to ask to the guys behind the game.

    Unfortunately it looks like I'm not going to get this one video'd, but at least this means you'll get your hands on the answers sooner.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    blackrose Guest
    Here's a question. Does Final Fantasy XIII have Japanese voice acting with subtitles? If not, why did you decide to not add it, did it took too much space?

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    saviour07 Guest
    I'd be just as excited as him! It's a good idea to ask the public and fans what questions they want answered because sometimes interviewers dont ask *everything* that we would like to hear, even if it results in a "no comment" style answer, atleast its an answer to something the fans wanted to know!\

    Making my list of questions now...

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    zangetsu1 Guest
    I would also like to know about the voice actors..

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    toxsik Guest
    The supposed, "games worth of cut content" is it a possibility that we will be seeing that through DLC?

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