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Thread: Steel PlayStation 3 Close-Up Images Available!

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    Steel PlayStation 3 Close-Up Images Available!

    Some good quality images of the special limited edition Metal Gear Solid 4 steel PS3 have been revealed.

    The 40 gb console will be included in the Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots bundle which will retail for 51,800 yen.

    The special editions of the MGS4 game only will retail for 9,800 yen and the normal edition 8,800 yen.

    [imglink=|Steel PlayStation 3 Close-Up Images Available!][/imglink]

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    Kimd41 Guest
    Not my style, I prefer the shiny black one. But still cool.

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    omegmatic Guest
    Really only seems like it'll be worth it if it comes with the new Rumble controllers and if the HDD is bigger than 40GB ... seems like it should be 80 or at least 60. The color is pretty cool though. Now if it were actually a metal shell instead of a grey plastic... that would be sweet.

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    mohQ Guest
    It looks nice, but sux that its the 40GB model, no BC.

    Too bad its not available here in NA, I would like to get one (my PS3 died ).

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    Audi10 Guest
    highly doubt this is coming to north America....but never mind not gonna end up paying another 50 bucks for shipping from some asian site.. good design nevertheless and hope north Americans gets more opportunities to buy stuff like this instead of the dam spiderman bundles that best buys been carrying around for ages....

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    DrunkOnCheese Guest
    Would want one, but have already got a ps3! But will still get the game no doubt!

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