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    Starhawk Beta Open to US PSN Users Today & EU Tomorrow, Tips

    Sony Senior Producer Harvard Bonin has announced that the Starhawk PS3 Beta officially opens to US PSN users today and Europeans tomorrow, with some PlayStation 3 tips available below!

    To quote: We're happy to announce (remind) everyone that the Starhawk Multiplayer Beta is open to ALL COMERS today, Tuesday, February 21st only on the PlayStation Network!

    You don't have to "like" us on Facebook, you don't have to "accept a special offer" and you don't have to sign up for any service (that is, except for the PlayStation Network free service)! Everyone is welcome to join! Just check the PlayStation Store and prepare yourself for a good time!

    In the coming weeks we'll be upgrading the Beta a ton. You can expect a new map, new vehicles, new weapons, 32-player max matches and more. Remember, this is still a beta, not a demo. We are actively finding and fixing problems -- and we need your feedback!

    The Starhawk Beta will not last forever. When we're done testing it will go "bye-bye"... and so I wrote a poem to illustrate my point...

    The Starhawk Serenade

    If you don't try Starhawk you'll be sad,
    While your friends are having fun you'll be mad,
    It's such an easy download,
    Your head may explode!
    There's so much d&*#*! fun to be had!

    You will be sad if you miss out! Don't be sad. Live a little!

    For you new players, here are a bunch of handy tips...

    You can post your bug feedback by logging into the Starhawk Beta forums using your PSN ID. Also, check the fan-made Starhawk wiki for info, and check the Lightbox Beta news for regular updates.

    We realize that a lot of new players will be jumping in. Here are some tips to help you along.

    General Starhawk Beta Tips

    • Kill to build, build to kill. Kill enemies to get more Rift Energy to build more stuff to kill more enemies.

    • Shoot glowing Rift barrels to collect more Rift Energy.
    Do not repeatedly build the same structures. Things like Garages or Launch Pads allow you to create new vehicles without building a new structure.

    • If you stay in the vicinity of your base area and Rift Extractor you will auto-magically collect Rift energy.

    • Each structure does something specific. Discover its purpose!
    Most all the structures have a glowing yellow panel. If you go up to one, you will be prompted to either create a new vehicle or remove the building. Removing repeated buildings is a great way to ease the strain on your structure cap.

    • Use mics for the best experience....and sometimes to learn a few new words.

    • Pick your Skill wisely. You can also change them during a match during respawn. Remember that you need enough XP points and the listed prerequisite for a Skill to unlock.

    Top 10 Starhawk Beta Tips from Real Beta Players!

    1. Wall Spam, What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing! If you place a ton of walls they will suck up structure cap space - and the enemy will fly over them anyway! Use them intelligently. Look to create choke points and use them efficiently. It's very tempting to build them as they are relatively cheap and they scratch the "build a base" itch. Stand firm! Avoid spamming the battlefield with unwanted clutter! - From H-BOMM

    2. Take My Knife, Please! When you're knifing an enemy try to jump and knife at the same time. You can also get higher (stand on a rock, etc).

    3. Sniper Time! If you aim the LR-3 Railgun for a long period of time the laser will show and your location will be revealed. Use it quick to avoid detection. - From Matt-Moore

    4. Chose Your Friends Wisely! Working as a team is absolutely critical to have a shot at winning. Teamwork is key. - From Outast_Graves

    5. Mic Up! Use your mic. Encourage your friends to use their mics and work together for optimal fun. -- From Sharp Dagger

    6. For The Love Of God, RUN! Hold R2 to run. Do it always. Never walk. Always run. Run, run, run. - From TuckTay

    7. Enemy Mine! The mines are magnetic...you can stick them to your Hawk or Razorback. Get close enough to enemy Hawks or Razorbacks and they will "jump" onto them and explode. -From Seven11

    8. To Build Or Not To Build. If you need a Razorback or a Mech, look around your base first. Don't build another structure if they are there already. Run up to the yellow panel and build the vehicle. - From SmokScr

    9. Sell You Down The River. You can sell and remove most buildings by using the yellow control panel. Just run up to it, choose to "remove" and down it comes -- From Ikeler

    10. Bite The Hand That Feeds. If you EVER see a player with the handles LBI (insert name here) or SONY (insert name here) kill, kill, kill.... - From RobbieK

    Controller Layouts

    Here are the Starhawk Beta controller layouts for your viewing pleasure...

    Beta Maps

    For those new players out there a couple of top-down maps to help you get your bearings on the action... Scourge and Space.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    sammojo Guest
    this game looks cool wish it was in 1st person

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    dyceast Guest
    This game is great!...

    I'm glad its 3rd person, COD and BF have taken over with 1st person, so they need something like this...

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