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    Star Ocean: The Last Hope International Screens, Six Languages

    Just one day after Famitsu scans revealed a PS3 release of Star Ocean: The Last Hope for Japan, Square Enix announced a North American release of Star Ocean: The Last Hope International.

    Since the Japanese game will include the English voice acting from the American release of the Xbox 360 version, localization time for this title is nil, there will be only five days between the Feburary 4 release in Japan and the February 9 North American release date!

    It's an achievement made possible by... the game having already been released a year ago.

    In addition to English and Japanese voices, this version includes French, Italian, German, and Spanish language options. And, perhaps most importantly for new players, the "running on a PS3" option.

    To quote: "The fans begged for dual audio, and Square Enix deliver three times that - packing a whopping six languages into the Star Ocean: The Last Hope for PS3.

    When the game is released simultaneously in the West and Japan on February 9th 2009 they'll be able to select from English, French, German, Italian, Spanish or even the game's mother tongue of Japanese for gameplay."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    zangetsu1 Guest
    Japenese sound and english sub.. thats what most anime fans such as my self want.. its just that there's so much more emotion in japenese dub.

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    justMaD Guest
    awesome news! it's getting better and better

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    ElPatas Guest
    Yes, this is really great news, i like japanese original voices and the spanish subs, i hope all the games comes with this


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