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Thread: Standalone Killzone 3 Multiplayer on PSN Today, Double XP Weekend

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    Standalone Killzone 3 Multiplayer on PSN Today, Double XP Weekend

    Killzone Community Editor Victor Zuylen has announced that the standalone Killzone 3 multiplayer hits PSN today, and also confirmed for fans that this will be a Double XP weekend as well!

    To quote: To celebrate Killzone 3's first anniversary, we're releasing a standalone version of the game's online component on PlayStation Store today.

    Dubbed "Killzone 3 Multiplayer," it includes the Guerrilla Warfare, Warzone, and Operations game modes, as well as the original Killzone 3 maps and all Killzone 3 DLC maps.

    Best of all, it's free to try - you can play any of the maps and modes until you reach the rank of Sergeant I.

    If you want to keep playing, attain higher ranks, and earn any of Killzone 3 Multiplayer's four exclusive new Trophies, you can unlock the full version for only $15. Doing so will net you a 24-hour double XP bonus, three free unlock points, the ability to set up clans and custom games, and access to the Botzone mode to help hone your combat skills.

    For those who already own Killzone 3 (or decide to purchase the full version of Killzone 3 Multiplayer), we have another anniversary treat: this weekend will be Double XP Weekend!

    Starting on Friday, March 2 at 8:00am Pacific time, and lasting until Monday, March 5 at 2:00am Pacific time, all XP earned in online Killzone 3 matches will be doubled. The trial version of Killzone 3 Multiplayer is excluded from the Double XP Weekend, of course - we wouldn't want you to hit that Sergeant I rank too quickly!

    And as a reminder, if you enjoy playing this trial multiplayer demo and also want to experience the game's exciting single-player campaign, you can always purchase the full version of Killzone 3 on Blu-ray at retailers.

    [imglink=|Standalone Killzone 3 Multiplayer on PSN Today, Double XP Weekend][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Standalone Killzone 3 Multiplayer on PSN Today, Double XP Weekend][/imglink]
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    elser1 Guest
    i haven't played kz3 for ages and i guess not many others do also.. its awesome mp game for anyone not tried yet, i rec. you give it a shot.. i'll try it out again for the double xp i guess but after i platinum a game i rARELY PLAY IT AGAIN WITH THE EXCEPTION OF BF3 OF COURSE.. oops sorry bout caps.. LOL

    also i just checked and theres not 4 new mp trophies either/they must mean you cant get the3 mp trophies (from launch a year ago) unless you pay, as per usual!

    and i only had 1 vs 1.. no one plays anymore.. grrrr

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Pff, cosidering that you could get the full retail game on BD for less than that since last November it's really crappy deal ...

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    sharks Guest
    That's exactly the problem! Killzone multiplayer is the underdog to other FPS like Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc. However, Killzone has most definitely the best overall graphics and feel of all these games. I own all the Killzone games and ranked among the best worldwide Killzone players online and i'm even listed on the official Guerrilla site where i was awarded with my KZ clan.

    I'm the kind of gamer who won't hesitate to ditch any game if it's not good enough and trading it back in the stores for something else or just credit. KZ 2 & 3 are that good! But not enough people seem to want to give their multiplayer a closer look, which is why Guerrilla has made a great move to offer the MP component for free so people can see for themselves.

    The level designs and graphics are just amazingly great! This is one of the very first things that got me hooked and after clocking over 800 hours of MP on Killzone, i can say that there are so many parts and corners of the maps that i have not yet explored or seen!! It's complex in a good way and beautifully made with several filter layers which give the extremely dense pixels.

    If you haven't played KZ MP yet, this is an excellent FREE opportunity to judge for yourself! Oh and yes, if you want to buy the multiplayer, you need to understand that there is a catch: If you want to play the full game, you could easily get a used copy for around $15 from ebay or in some stores. The bluray disc of the game includes only some of the MP maps (without the DLC maps which you will have to buy separately from the PS store).

    However, if you can rent or trade-in the game just to play the singleplayer, then you can just buy the online MP only, since it includes all the DLC maps and for that price it's well worth it. Either way, the best experience is to own the bluray with the singleplayer and then buy the DLC map bundle which is heavily discounted. Check the prices on the PS store and calculate your totals.

    There is also the high possibility that you will love the MP online, so if you don't want to have to leave the disc in your PS3 while you play for several hours, then buy the MP only. But you will still be missing the singleplayer experience which is amazing and unique.

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