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Thread: Square Enix's PS3 Console Exclusive MMO Codenamed 'Rapture'

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    Takavach Guest

    Square Enix's PS3 Console Exclusive MMO Codenamed 'Rapture'

    Gameplayer has received word on what one of the new games to be announced by Square Enix at E3 2009 and it is an MMO that's a console exclusive for the PS3.

    To quote: At the time of writing we had been requested to not divulge the names or giveaway said titles, but we've just received new information about one of those three games that comes with no such restrictions. So here we go...

    Contrary to what we were originally told, there will be a Square Enix press conference after all, at 11a.m on the Wednesday of the show. This will be a portal for selected media to learn more about one of Square Enix's currently unannounced games, which we can reveal is an MMO codenamed Rapture, and set for release on PS3 and PC. The game is expected to be unveiled at the Sony press conference on the Tuesday.

    While the PC and Xbox 360 have shared a strong software relationship over the last three years, the PC and PS3 have a more open rapport when it comes to online interactivity between the software and the gamers.

    It seems bizarre given Microsoft's networking know-how, but the heavy restrictions it puts in place with the way developers can manipulate and engage their audience through Xbox Live makes it difficult for some games to make the most of their potential. Also worthy of note is the fact that the PS3 is free to play online, and it is more flexible in the headsets, keyboards and mice that can be used with it than the Xbox 360.

    A classic precedent for all this is Epic Games' decision to launch Unreal Tournament III on PS3 and PC well ahead of Xbox 360, claiming that Sony's console better facilitated what they wanted to achieve in access and distribution of user-created Mods.

    All that said and done, MMOs have still struggled to find the success on consoles that they have on PCs: even Square Enix own Final Fantasy XI failed to impress. It should be noted, however, that the company has used the term MMO, not MMORPG, which means it could be something totally unexpected.

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    GZA1984 Guest
    Even though I'm afraid to play MMO/MMORPG's nowadays, due to it's addiction level (World Of Warcraft) I think this is good news for the PS3 and PS3 owners!

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    Nairb Guest

    Thumbs Up

    Would be awesome to see something simlilar to World of Warcraft on the PS3.

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    Zhar Guest
    Man, I really hope we get to see some of this during E3
    Really looking forward to a proper mmo on the PS3

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    Sagarp14 Guest
    Is that screenshot a picture of the game or is it just a screenshot from another one of square-enix's games? Also I wonder what type of MMO game it's going to be. While square-enix is known for their RPGs I'm hoping they experiment with something new this time.

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    otarumx Guest
    With this, Free Realms coming in the Fall as well as The Agency and MAG I believe PS3 will be home to a lot of exciting MMOs and it could give the console a hand up in the console wars.

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    bigblockchev Guest

    Hope it's a new concept

    I for one have had enough of World of Warcraft. I really hope this is a new concept for MMO fun and not treadmills to nowhere. Sad thing is that it's probably not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sagarp14 View Post
    Is that screenshot a picture of the game or is it just a screenshot from another one of square-enix's games?
    Yep, it is apparently concept art from the game... at least according to Google Images.

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