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    Starlight Guest

    Square Enix Reveals New Final Fantasy XIII Details

    Square Enix has shed some more light on its highly anticipated PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 RPG Final Fantasy XIII.

    Compared to the demo, the final product will have a more realistic feel to it and the transition from CG sequences to real-time scenes will be smoother. AI will be improved and party members will be capable of delivering a varied portfolio of combination attacks.

    To quote: The development team isn't ready to explain exactly what kind of relationship exists between Lighting and Snow, yet Snow apparently refers to the heroine as "older sister." Lightning's crystal is shaped like a rose, whereas Snow's looks like a heart.

    Following Ifrit, Shiva, Carbuncle and Bahamut, Odin is the fifth summon officially confirmed to appear in the game (as seen at Microsoft's E3 press conference). Like Shiva, Odin will be able to transform into a vehicle during battle.

    Talking about Shiva, the two sisters which make up this icy summon can be transformed into a bike. Players can ride this bike by using the analog stick to freely move around on the battlefield and attack their opponents by pressing a button.

    In this mode, the game will feel similar to an action game. Apparently, there will be summons that are even more mechanical than Shiva. Summons in general will play an important role not only in battle, but also in the game's storyline.

    Final Fantasy XIII has yet to receive an official release date, but is to be believed to arrive on Japanese retail store shelves in late 2009. Fans on this side of the Pacific will have to wait until early 2010 to get their hands on the game.

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    surgeborg Guest
    here is the trailer

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    GZA1984 Guest
    hmmm summons that can transform into a vehicle...
    Not sure if i'm gonna like that, but time will tell I guess. Sounds more like transformers then final fantasy to me

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    ZBlacktt Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by surgeborg View Post
    here is the trailer
    That was added 3 years ago, lol?

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    lawllawl Guest
    Man they've announced this game so long ago I'm surprised its taken them this long to make it.

    I mean I enjoy playing good games but games that are way too long get boring way too fast.
    Metal Gear Solid 4 was a good game but it was just too long. I have a feeling this game will fall under the same category.

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    evol4276 Guest
    any idea how the summons will work? like will they be the same idea as 12 where you bring the whole entity into battle and use them at will?

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    TheSparky Guest
    Judging by past FF games, I would say you can expect about 30-40 hours depending on how much you like sidequests.

    Also please don't knock on MGS4 for being too long; you can skip the cutscenes and conversations if you really want to and it will cut the playthrough time down by more than half.

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    saviour07 Guest
    yeh i've wondered how the summons are goin to be controlled in this instance of ff, because with ffx and ffxii there was a sense of freedom (in that aeons were user controlled and also able to learn abilities like one of the party, and summons in 12 were used at will)

    personally i liked the system in 10 better, so i hope to see something similar to that with what vehicle the summon can transform into being an "ability" of sorts, like they would have to learn how to become a car/motorbike etc instead of just being a summon and a vehicle

    yeh the games been announced for awhile, but dont forget that killzone 2 took 4years to develop, and gran turismo 5 hasn't come out yet and gt4 was released january 2005! so for square enix to have this game out next year (this year in japan) then its a pretty good acheivement tbh

    and when it comes to an rpg, you want a long game experience, otherwise you might aswell play an fps or an action/adventure game like rachet and clank or uncharted (both excellent games too)
    so a minimum of 30-40 is to be expected, and then the side quests on top of that

    i also agree with TheSparky with that you can skip mgs4's cutscenes and play the entire game in about 4hours (or an hour and a half if your really really good lol) so to say that the mgs4 experience is too long is not entirely true

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