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Thread: Square Enix Reveals Final Fantasy XIII-2 PS3 and Release Date

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    xragel2478 Guest
    ff7 ff8 ff9 were great. x was new. it wasn't that great tho. x12 is pretty damn good. just feels too much like a major online rpg style...

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    Transient Guest
    I'm a bit of a FF fan. I've finished all the Final Fantasy's in the main series (US releases). I enjoyed pretty much them all, particularly VII, X and XII. I even played the two online games XI (several years before I quit) and XIV (which sucked hard).

    I also liked XIII, but it didn't feel like a part of the FF series until post-game, at which point it opens right up with quests and challenges. Oddly enough, the post-game stuff easily takes longer than the game itself. I think I was around 120 hours in when I finally got my platinum trophy.

    Anyway, I'm pretty stoked about XIII-2. So far the previews look great, I just hope they don't do anything goofy like they did with their other "sequel" X-2 (which was still fun, just weird).

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