We received some press material today for MotorStorm: Pacific Rift for the PlayStation 3 and so we decided to spotlight it in our Site News!

In the original MotorStorm, you tore through the brutal and unpredictable off-road environment that was Monument Valley. Now the Stormers are back for more sick action and to prove their racing supremacy in the next Festival, taking over a remote tropical paradise in the Pacific Ocean.

Not only will you be up against other Stormers this time around, but also the island itself, as you careen through four different elemental zones.

You'll encounter thick mud, tangled undergrowth, waterfalls, choking volcanic ash, lava pools and more, so suit up and strap in. It's going to be a wild ride.

New Features:

- The Island - A brand new radically different location for the festival.
- Never the same race twice - The competitors and environment offer you a different challenge on a lap-to-lap basis.
- Split Screen Play - Play with up to 3 buddies on the same screen.
- The Monster Truck - An all-new vehicle class added to the core vehicle selection for a total of 8 different vehicle classes.
- Improved Online Experience - Compete in 12 player races online, now with matchmaking, rankings and group-play.
- Improved Actions - A new level of control; punch, duck and ram using an improved control layout.
- Free-play - Race how you want by creating your own race tickets.
- Photo Mode - Snap your greatest victory or your most visceral crashes and show them to the world.


"...so far it seems like Evolution Studios is on track to serve up another deep yet brutally challenging experience similar to that found in MotorStorm." -- GameSpy

"More players, more tracks, more cars and more mayhem equals more fun." -- Cinemablend

"MotorStorm Pacific Rift is shaping up to be a vibrant bit of eye candy." -- GameZone

Excited now? Those interested can Buy Now and check it out for yourselves! More PlayStation 3 News...