[IMGW]http://media.1up.com/media?id=3306508[/IMGW] After a hands-on session with Madden NFL 08, we locked our sporto's in a room with Madden's senior producer, David Ortiz, where they went helmet-to-helmet on everything from Madden NFL 08's newest features, the most dynamic player in the NFL, making the perfect football game, if Tecmo Bowl is considered competition, the legends in All-Pro Football 2K8, and why 08 will be the best Madden since 2004.

As for a teaser, Ortiz fired off this missile: "I was more excited to hear Tecmo Bowl was coming out than I was about All-Pro Football 2K8." And that's just for starters.

An absolute must-listen for all gamers, jump in and hear the joy on the latest Sports Anomaly podcast.

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