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Thread: SplitFish Dual SFX FragPro & Dual SFX Evolution at GamesCom

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    SplitFish Dual SFX FragPro & Dual SFX Evolution at GamesCom

    As a follow-up to their previous FREVOLUTION X announcement, today SplitFish have confirmed via Press Release [PDF] that they will be demoing two PS3 controllers- the Dual SFX FragPro and the Dual SFX Evolution at GamesCom 2009.

    Press Release: Zurich, Switzerland, Edmonton, AB-Aug 14, 2009 - It is confirmed - SplitFish Gameware Ltd., will show attendees at Gamescom (Aug. 19-23, 2009 at the Koelnmesse Trade Fair Grounds) the latest additions to its line of innovative controllers for PlayStation®3.

    The new controllers are part of SplitFish's brand-new Frevolution X System to be available worldwide in fall 2009. World dominating Pro Gamer, zDD (Dennis Dozier) will be on hand for some friendly FRAG AND CONQUER tips and tricks demonstrations on the awesome new DUAL SFX FRAGPRO as well as its rival twin - the revolutionary DUAL SFX EVOLUTION.

    Both the new WIRELESS DUAL SFX FRAG PRO and the DUAL SFX EVOLUTION controllers will be on display at the SplitFish booth at Gamescom, Hall 4.2, Corridor F/Booth Number 43 and Corridor G/Booth Number 44. Distributors, and Retailers interested in scheduling an appointment with Splitfish should email International Sales Director Peter Ruf at [email protected]. Members of the media can contact: [email protected]

    These TWO new universally compatible PS3 / PC controllers are the first to be released from the SPLITFISH FREVOLUTIONX wireless series. In addition to a dominating FPS weapon with the DUAL SFX FRAGPRO, Splitfish expands on their FPS development tradition and will be giving a FIRST EVER presentation of their newest controller - the DUAL SFX EVOLUTION - made specifically for fan favourites like FIFA, MADDEN and LITTLE BIG PLANET.

    The DUAL SFX EVOLUTION is a revolutionary, wireless, upgradable, two part, FREVO - adjustable analog stick controller that promises a superior new level of intuitive experience for console gamers. The fully featured controller gives all the best analog stick controllers can offer PLUS it provides two hand freedom and assignable dual independent wireless motion for sixaxis or analog stick emulation as well as "wrist flick" button triggering. No other controller provides Sports and other Action game title fans this level of enhanced, intuitive, performance capabilities.

    The DUAL FX FRAG PRO brings all the best of the critically acclaimed FRAGFXv2 mouse gaming design in a DUAL WIRELESS COMBO. The new controller showcases a 2000dpi customized gaming mouse and FREVO "Fragchuck" and together they function as a full featured wireless PS3 and PC gaming controller with programmable button configurations and adjustable mouse aiming that provides unprecedented levels of accuracy.

    The FRAG PRO improves upon the tremendously popular FragFX, adding a dual wireless system to the intuitive controller. The ergonomic laser mouse provides PClike accuracy and easy PS Home navigation, while the left-hand grip provides full SixAxis motion control and a whole slew of customization functions and other special performance features.

    Pre-orders will be available at WWW.SPLITFISH.COM
    For more information on the Dual SFX Frag Pro and other SplitFish developments, please visit

    About SplitFish
    SplitFish is a developer of original patent pending video game hardware technologies that include the FragFX controller, EyeFX 3D Adapter, EdgeFX Controller, MotionFX Tiltsensing Adapter, GlideFX Trackball Controller, and the DualFX Laser Gun. More information is available on the company Web site:
    SplitFish Ltd., Langmauerstrasse 70, CH-8006 Zürich - Switzerland

    [imglink=|SplitFish Dual SFX FragPro & Dual SFX Evolution at GamesCom][/imglink]
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    seed101 Guest

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    alright im excited that they have new Dual SFX FragPro! i believe its like a frag fx without the cord hopefully its more accurate than the older version!..the cord of my frag fx v.2 is really annoying! sometimes i want to break

    those cord just to feel im aiming in fps gaming! i bought my first frag fx when i got my cod waw 2 days later because im aiming to to get the best kill and rank in the game! but one the things annoys me is the sensitivity on the right side of the nunchuck! it keeps blocking my thumb finger then i keep changing the sensitivity accidentally! it mess up my gameplay -_-

    my frag fx is still helpful in some games like battlefield 1943 but its has a problem now it keeps turning on some weird sound on it..

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    jaaSumbra Guest
    I was extremely disappointed with my first FragFX pro controller, the aiming was very accurate, and I always updated to latest firmware, and set it up 100% as I should.

    Also every time there was a firmware update, the aiming got worse, also the acceleration within the sensitivity sucked as well, no matter if it was set to level 1 or 9. The customer support sucked as well, they promised a money back guarantee, if you weren't satisfied, but I never got an answer to my many emails.

    with time, the aim got a little bit better, but I still don't get the many extremely positive reviews which this product got. I really hope it will be better this time, cause the only games it so far has been usable with, has been CoD.

    any people had any other experiences with a Split Fish Frag FX pro controller?

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    zDD Guest
    Well, it seems some of you had tough luck with your FragFX, because pretty much everyone I know (alot of top teams/gamers) that uses the FragFX is very happy with it. I can't see myself playing with any other controller for FPS gaming.

    As for the FragPro... all I can say at this point is WOW :-0

    The Evo is going to be great any other games, action shooters, sports games, etc.

    And yes, I've tested and used all of the products, so I can speak first hand about them.

    Also, just so you guys know... just about all of the top gamers on the COD4 /COD5 leaderboards for kills use a FragFXv2. Most of them won't admit it, but I know most of them. :-)

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    xMikeyx Guest
    i LOVE the fragfxv2. my k/d ratio is much higher now that I use one. i get faster headshots with the frag. i just downloaded the latest tweak utility and turned up the button senstivity on it and it works even better.

    i want the new fragpro...waiting for wireless version for a long time. anymore info you can share would be awesome. thx

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    semitope Guest
    Unless the console comes with this it will never be fair for those who use the regular controller like they should. I hate to think someone fragged me online using this.

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    ROFL! zDD and xMikeyx are the same person, same IP, and from Splitfish! Patheic indeed. They should SPONSOR us, not join with multiple accounts to promote their products spamming our boards.

    Does this guy seriously think he can put something over on the PS3 News Staff? PWN'D!

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    semitope Guest
    I say ban all splitfish news on the site as punishment!

    I really am starting to dislike the idea of something like this. The challenge of FPS on consoles is partially the use of the standard controller to aim and move. I call for a ban on this, seriously they should put in a ps3 controller detection anticheat system.

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