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Thread: Speed up your PlayStation Network Downloads with Auto-Installs!

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    Speed up your PlayStation Network Downloads with Auto-Installs!

    Tonight I was downloading some content I had been missing out on the last week due to band rehersals and some light work here and there...

    Now normally I would've just background-downloaded all of my stuff and walked away from it until it was done - I'm glad I didn't.

    A big complaint with the PSN is the fact when you download something of the store you then have to install it. This means the long process becomes longer...

    Well, tonight I found out that if you que up all you want to download and individually download it from the store menu or your drop down download list, without doing a background download, it not only increased my speed from an average of 1MB every 4 seconds to 1MB every 1 second to 2 seconds, but it also pre-installs your content for you. So you don't have to go back out and manually do it from your PlayStation 3 XMB.

    Now, I have a fast connection and I often average 1MB per second anyways, but a lot of times it's not a constant 1MB per second... Sometimes it drops down to where I am only getting 1mb every 3 to 4 seconds - With this method it was much faster than just putting them all on the background and letting it do it for me.

    It might not be as convenient, but it sure went a lot faster. I got over 1.4GB of downloads in under 7 minutes flat this way.

    Check it out for yourself and see what you think, and feel free to leave a comment with your results. If nothing else, this is a decent way to get rid of installs after if you're only downloading 1 large file. Maybe it'll help you, maybe it won't... It's just a heads up for you all to try out sometime. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Handy to know, if there is a lot to download and a specific item i want to get faster i can always queue up the rest and download the item interactively.

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