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Thread: Speculation: Is Sony's PS Cloud Patent for the PlayStation 4?

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    Speculation: Is Sony's PS Cloud Patent for the PlayStation 4?

    Sony has patented the 'PS Cloud' with the US Patent and Trademark Office, following the announcement of a number of new 'cloud gaming' services such as OnLive and Playcast Media at this year's Games Developers Conference.

    To quote: The patent has lead to speculation that Sony Computer Entertainment may well be looking to 'cloud gaming' - where the processing power of a home console is replaced by that of a remote server outside of the gamer's home - as a strategic move forward for its PlayStation division.

    The future of PlayStation?

    Or, put in more straightforward terms, is PS Cloud the PlayStation 4? Is the 'next' PlayStation going to resemble a server-based system that allows gamers to play and save games to a user account via a range of devices such as their PlayStation 3, their PC or even their TV set-top box?

    Sony filed the patent for 'PS Cloud' on 24 March, describing PS Cloud as a provider of "entertainment services, namely, providing an online videogame that users may access through the Internet".

    TechRadar spoke with a SCEE rep this morning who declined to comment on the story. Let the speculation commence...

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    D3M0N2009 Guest
    'PS Cloud' could be implemented into the PS3 as well, as it isn't focused on the consumer's hardware but instead the hardware of the company implementing it, but in my opinion 'Cloud' is not the way of the future, well maybe in a few years when everyone in the world can get internet fast enough to use it, until then 'Cloud' is a useless service.

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    dustinmyles Guest


    God this would be sooo SWEET!!! SCREW OnLive.....I was REALLY excited about it when I saw it during the GDC last week, but if Sony did this, and did RIGHT....this would DEFINITELY be the way I go! Needless to say that I am BEYOND excited!!!!

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    bigblockchev Guest

    Big Grin Playing Field

    Essentially the PS3 would be able to fulfill it's 10 year cycle in the cloud and remain more competitive than M$ or Ninolddo. The PS4 would be an upgrade "choice" to provide the strong backbone of the cloud perhaps. If the PS4 shipped with Sony(YDL?) Linux would you replace your (as it's called now) desktop pc? Could a PSP2/3 become a notebook with Sony(YDL?) Linux? And don't forget your Sony robot's uses.

    At some point expect the discovery and adoption rate of new computer concepts to start happening really quickly. With computer hardware doubling exponentially their entire lives there has to be a point where the user expects new concepts doubling availability, we will come to depend on new and better change quickly. We already expect this in security, faster every time, FOSS opens the door for universal translatable code.

    I've always seen quite simply how Sony must be aiming far. Of the three, they made the glossy black machine that looks so damn good and for a technology enthusiast like myself I would have only "felt good" with the black machine. I'm sure most will laugh but the beige and off white cases that we used to use look revolting to those that have been surrounded by them for 25 years.

    There must only be "big" changes ahead but I would expect nothing more than a fancy graphical effect from M$ or an out to lunch "pay-every-step-of-the-way" approach to their cloud. And if you sell them your arms maybe they'll open their slow closed code base. Sure by then we'll have brain controllers but do you really want ads and spam up in there because of a loose M$ screw or a backdoor deal?

    Sorry I got a little off-topic but it was fun.

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