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Thread: Speculation: PS3 Slim to Come in 40GB & 80GB Models, Cost Less

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    Speculation: PS3 Slim to Come in 40GB & 80GB Models, Cost Less

    According to the UK news site Telegraph (linked above), the PS3 Slim console that is expected to be announced at GamesCom during Sony's 3-hour press conference is reportedly to come in two versions- a 40GB and an 80GB model.

    To quote: "An official PlayStation announcement could come later this month at the GamesCom video games show in Cologne, Germany, with the console itself in stores in time for the lucrative Christmas shopping season.

    The new console, dubbed the PS3 Slim, is expected to cost less than the current generation of PlayStation 3 consoles, which start at around 300 for the 40GB version.

    The Slim is likely to come in two models, one with a 40GB hard drive, another with an 80GB hard drive, with prices expected to start at around 260."

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    ultrachez Guest
    what happened to the 120gb label printed on the rumored box?

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    Heh.. now that is a good question indeed. I wonder if anyone will address that to the Daily Telegraph to see their reply..

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    robinhood2605 Guest
    well if the slim versions comes out, probably it will have less features then the "fat" oneand it won't be the complete console it still is, maybe thats why it will be cheaper, well it will happen as the same with the xbox 360, lefting many things behind , i stil prefer the fat one, there's still enough room here.

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    XiuKeong Guest
    Will the slimmer version have lesser airflow compared to the fat version?

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