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    Hazzy Guest
    I doubt tech savy people will be content with fullHD in 5 years time but UHD is very unrealistic; however, 4K is much more likely. Also being a cinema format helps its progression into the mainstream.

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by phr0z30n View Post
    Because you need a fast raid system to access 3.5tb in 18min. It has to be able to read about (3'500'000/18/60) 3'241mb/s. A normal consumer hard drive is still below 150mb/s. This means at least a 20 disk system...

    Edit: Also remember, they built the system in 2005 when disks were smaller and slower than today.
    Even if it did require 20 disks those things feel like they weigh a pound each, let's say 2, that makes it a total of 40lbs. Big difference between 40 and 600. By the time the PS4 lumbers its way into existence there will be fast enough hard drives with high enough capacity. The problem will be the medium which they sell games on. All games would have to be installed since of course the medium which the games will be stored on will not read fast enough.

    As for your edit, how is that relevant, wasn't that absurd "600lb" statement recent?

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    properBo Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by hacked2123 View Post
    You're most likely correct taking into account that its a bidding system to get integrated in the console. Hopefully MS and Nintendo release their systems first, only to find Sony held out for Quantum processors. (A lot can happen in 5 years )

    I suppose we'll have to settle for 4K :-/
    I subscribe to your opinion, sir.

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    jokerbrazil Guest
    That's a Big Regress. Larger TV , Larger Resolution , High Power Consumption and Hard Drive Requirement.

    There's no Progress on this TV , never gonna make the market

    Stone Age 80" TV with 7k x 4k resolution and big Toaster in consumption Versus Oled ultra slim and low power.

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    Kimd41 Guest
    I'd rather have 1080p with x8 AA.

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    tborsje Guest
    I would hope that 1080p with some AA @ 60fps (30fps if in 3D) would be the standard that MS and Sony would require for their developers in the next gen.

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    Prince Valiant Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by hacked2123 View Post
    2 things. 1)ITS UNCOMPRESSED VIDEO of course its going to huge. 2)3.5TB fits on 2x3.5" hdd, weighing 2 to 3 pounds each... Why in the world would it take 600LBS?!?

    I also 90% sure the PS3 can handle SNES at UHD resolution, 60fps. PS4 WILL support UHD, but don't expect intense video games to use it. (Take for example MGS4 for PS3 (720P title released fairly recently) )
    I highly doubt Sony would waste money by adding UHD support when no one buying their consoles would make use of it. I mean.... can you honestly imagine the graphical requirements to display a higher end PS3 game at that resolution?

    I never seen a UHD in real life, but hope to see one in the next years on some conferences. I don't think this TV's will be for private customers available in the next few years. I mean, who of us have so much space to stand there a 70" - 90" ? Let's wait and see what the time will bring.

    People with absurd amounts of money maybe, that's about it. The video is uncompressed because it reads faster.

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    msr Guest
    It is still debatable if 1080p is even necessary for films. I will still be watching rubbish old 480p(is it), programs and films in 10 or 20 years probably.

    Ultra hd seems why over the top to me.

    Gaming max seems to be ok with 1080p for now. But like i say most people still are not sure that they need 1080p for films.

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    Prince Valiant Guest
    I play all my consoles on SD TVs. With movies I'm content with VHS, DVD is nicer but, VHS is fine.

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    msr Guest
    Prince - exactly, i am not sure movies need high def, sound is more important.

    I can see myself, in 10 or 20 years still watching the vids i have now, and in that definition.

    Nature documentaries work well in 1080p though, i would accpet that.

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