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Thread: Speculation: Logo Hints at Killzone 3 for PS3 in Development?

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    Speculation: Logo Hints at Killzone 3 for PS3 in Development?

    Today (linked above) is reporting that they have received an e-mail from an unknown source who allegedly has included a Killzone 3 logo prototype.

    Odds are high it's simply a PhotoShop job, however, there is always a chance that a marketer has selected TheSixthAxis to begin a promotional campaign leading up to an announcement at GamesCom or a similar upcoming event.

    To quote: "It came from someone I've never had any contact with before, had no message in the email and no further explanation was offered. I'm just publishing it because I know you will all want to see it but I can't vouch for it and I am marking it (for obvious reasons) as a rumour. Make what you will of it.

    We have contacted the person who sent us the image below and asked for more information which, if we get it, we will keep you informed of."

    So, that being said.. if anyone has time to do some detective work on the picture feel free to comment below.

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    i'll try and find out more about this, i hope its real.

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