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Thread: Speculation: First Real PlayStation 4 Details Available

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    Speculation: First Real PlayStation 4 Details Available

    Earlier today we reported on speculation that PS4 could be based on Cell Architecture.

    As a follow-up, camineet of NeoGAF points out the following via

    Goto Hiroshige has received PSX4 spec info from Japanese developer sources who received preliminary spec from SCEI for developer feedback (whom Goto refuses to name due to NDA).

    - SCEI has sent rough PSX4 spec to 3rd party developers for feed back. Based on the description, PSX4 is a Wii-tized PSX3, no more than 2X as powerful.
    - SCEI wants to beat Xbox 3 to launch. 2011 is the deadline, or sooner.
    - SCEI pulled all its engineers from IBM Texas, and there is no new CELL architecture being developed. PSX4 will use same CELL architecture with improvements.
    - SCEI will dump XDR and use standard JEDEC memory type (GDDR3/DDR3) for main memory.

    And so the PlayStation 4 rumor wagon travels onward... :p More PlayStation 3 News...

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    harry22673 Guest
    PS3 has only been out for about two years and now the fourth is coming out in what, three years. Its a bit to soon.

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    deemwun Guest
    Yeh seems a little early to be releasing the PS4 - I'm quite sure Sony would like to milk the PS3 for all its worth before unleashing the next beast upon us.

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    GutZ31 Guest
    these things look too fake, I can believe the cell, but droping XDR would be a sword to there own throat.

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    justMaD Guest
    and even if they already have plans for the next ps, they'd have to be really stupid to release that info just before christmas...

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