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    Quote Originally Posted by Osirisx View Post
    The spokeswoman, who did not want to be identified per department policy, said all three were subsequently released, without bail, pending formal charges.

    WTF? should have kept thoe 3 guys in the slammer until a court hearing.
    Why would you want that? These are not the real ones, just more attention seeking dickheads. Its got fake all over it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by elser1 View Post
    well like it or not sony is a company with aims to make profit. if anon don't like that too bad.. they shouldn't buy a console for "homebrew" reason. its piracy.. admit it, that's what you want jb for... build your own console.. its all bs.. anon shouldn't punish the "right" users of sony products over garbage lawsuits.. maybe if hackers like geohot and graf did there work anon this wouldn't have happened.. LOL

    won't be so tough if they go to jail and share a cell with some big african named shirley.. LOL still sucked in sony also.. HA
    Agreed. I love how anon and others bs about free flow of knowledge and stuff.. "no it isn't pirating. i just hack for fun."

    come on now... 99 percent hack for piracy... stop speaking out of your rear.

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    I hope all of them got thrown in jail and got by the inmates.

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    Step in the right direction. Those cunnys deserve to be slapped up for making me losing my drive on CoD. Real deal.

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    Ya'll butthurt that Anonymous ravaged Sony's butt... and now LulzSec's doing some nasty shit too (i applaud your skills /b/ro) .. seems that those who put up arms can do great things. such as show the world that WE do not have to, take that greedy companies shove down our throats.. or that they cannot just defy the laws just to sue everyone and think they're superior acting all high and mighty... or that shows that Sony was using some god damn outdated "equipment"... so yeah.

    Viva Anonymous, and screw the others... (PS: I own a PS3, and its on OFW 3.61... i also play online and i've also waited through the "AnonOP" that took out sony for almost 2 months LOL.)

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    Hope, wish, and cry all you want. If you got problems with hackers then do something about it... I mean aside from crying like a little girl on a forum that's about console modding and hacking. You think you can stop Anon or Lulz go right ahead. I hear hacking is simple and anyone can do it, so you all should be able to fight back thru your ps3 and attack all the bad people who ruin your worthless past time activities.

    That way you can say you did something useful for once in your so called life. Ever wonder why you post such things on the net? Because in real life no one wants to listen to you complain about how you have it soooo bad, how anon is making it hard to play a pointless game and how you want people to be imprisoned and raped for having more knowledge and skills that you will ever have.

    Don't like the way things work, fine, you are more than free to leave it all behind and do something productive with whats left of your pathetic, pitiful existence.

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    Amen. they just all mad cuz hackers can haz lulz while sticking it to the man ya know... they're just all so damn stupid, they don't know about Anonymous or Lulzsec.

    Why they did it. or for what purpose they did it (if only they'd understand that they're the ones who wanted to fight back while most "Normal, casual" ps3 owners where too scared to do something about a greedy company such as Sony)

    Those who talk smack about Lulzsec or Anonymous - Face it, they will always be around to watch you...

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    New Anonymous Puerto Rico group:

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