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    Soul Calibur IV Install Size Confirmed at 2.85GB and 2MB Save

    We now have confirmation available which debunks previous reports of a near-7GB install for Soul Calibur IV.

    Courtesy of bi0sparkz from GameTrailers (linked above), the magazine scan below now confirms that the Soul Calibur IV install size is 2.85GB and a 2MB save on PS3.

    While those with larger PS3 hard disk drives remain unconcerned, it is definitely comforting news for Soul Calibur IV fans who still own smaller PS3 HDDs.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Nanobr3ker Guest
    I'm sorry but where does it say "2.85GB" ?

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    ka713 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Nanobr3ker View Post
    I'm sorry but where does it say "2.85GB" ?
    If you look at the screenshot in the link, the small white box above all the pictures says 2,850MB for HDD install size.

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    doggydawg Guest
    that is actually pretty decent considering most games are around 5gb ...

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    ka713 Guest
    Does anyone know the difference between installing and not installing? I know that its stated you get faster load times, but is it worth it? I've ordered it and have it comming and my ps3 is only 40gig so I just want to know how costly it is to instal whereas I can save the space for other games.

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    omegmatic Guest
    well, i would say that a good idea would be to erase the data for games you don't play anymore or have already beaten, and won't be playing for a while. I've tried a couple of games without the download data [splinter cell to be exact] and although it wasn't infuriatingly slow, it was the sort of thing where after a while, you'd rather just spend the extra time and download it from the start. Although on the other hand i didn't really notice much difference in Ninja Gaiden Sigma [where the download is an option in the start menu, not the frackin' beginning of the game].

    So to summarize, it depends, but you should really just consider dumping stuff you'll never need again.

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    ka713 Guest
    Ok, I have the asia version of the game now and I have tried it both without and with the install. The installed version cuts a good amount of time off waiting during the VS screen showing the characters that will be fighting. I highly recommended people install as its well worth it. I can also say that the game will also upscale to 1080p despite having read somewhere (can't remember) saying that its only 720p and below.

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    parkerparker Guest
    yeah thats true, i did the install and its worth it too!

    I think this new gen of consoles are wicked to have hdd, it allows for so much more content and faster loads it kicks a$$

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    Skv0ra Guest
    Not surprised. I don't know why some games weigh 15Gs, but given that most appear on 360 as well and are identical, their raw size should be somewhat similar and under 7.5GB.

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    bloodymolecule Guest
    But wait.. what about the people with a X-360 Arcade?

    Those cant get faster loading times?

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