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    Soul Calibur 4 Revealed in Next Month's EGM

    [IMGW][/IMGW]Electronic Gaming Monthly's hands-on look at this summer's BioShock is just starting to arrive in subscriber mailboxes, but a sneak peak at the final pages of the issue teases something fighting fans have been waiting for: a new Soul Calibur (which, as we've previously reported, is Soul Calibur 4). EGM will be exclusively revealing Namco Bandai's latest fighter in just a few short weeks: "If you're hankering for a virtual fistfight, top-quality options about -- the Virtua Fighter, Tekken, and Dead or Alive franchises all offer satisfying punch-up action. But if you're truly looking to give your opponent something to cry about, it's all about wielding sharpened steel, and nothing beats Namco Bandai's Soul Calibur series for weapon-based fighting thrills. In our world-exclusive preview, we'll reveal the future direction of this beloved series."

    In case Soul Calibur Legends wasn't enough, stay tuned; the Soul Calibur issue goes on sale July 3.

    Thanks to for sharing the news with us!

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    Sweet. Just yesterday I was playing SC II on my xbox and thought, "damn, they really need to make another one for next-gen consoles." I still can't believe how good those games look on xbox/ps2/gc.

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