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Thread: Sony's Welcome Back Program Content Available - Details Inside

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    properBo Guest
    while trying to redeem my 4 games I got a lot of errors.which resulted in the list of freebies being removed from my store view and no welcome back games downloaded. FML

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    If you've already activated them (e.g. they've had the red basket icons on them) once you'll manage to get back to store go to your Download list and (re-)download them from there. Alternatively - Check in the account management under Service list ...

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    properBo Guest
    I'll be patient, it is a madhouse right now but unfortunately, I didn't get to activation or even adding to cart.atm i don't even have any game icons in welcome back to be red "basketed". all that's left is the red basket dynamic theme. I've gotta say, friday is a probably the worst time to bring back the store and for millions of ppl to dl 7 gig games.good luck watching any of those free movies, this weekend only!

    Resolved: After logging out and back in a few times,"SCEA Promotion" did appear in my services list.from there it had an option to "select" which took me to the list of games in the store. Thanks for the help GH +rep

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