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    Sony's PS3 Gets a New Invite System for Text Chatting

    Today SCEE's Community Team Moderator Yaster has detailed the PS3 entertainment system's new invite system for text chatting that is built into the PlayStation 3 XMB.

    To use it, simply head to a Chat Room, load up a supported game and click the relevant option (for Bioshock 2, this is "Manage Invites". From there, select the empty box at the top as normal.

    When you do this, though, in addition to inviting from your friends list or a new Online ID, you'll see Invite From Chat Room - click it, and the XMB will list your current Chat Rooms - pick one and it'll invite everyone in that lobby.

    Currently supported games are limited to Bioshock 2, The Aliens vs Predator Demo and Call of Duty: Classic but hopefully the number of titles with this new feature will grow.

    From the guide, to quote: How to invite chat room players into a (supported) game

    Hot on the heels of my previous guide to "that" invite system in MW2 I now bring you something which I think a few of may not be aware of.

    The PlayStation 3 firmware has a feature which allows you to invite players in your active text chat room straight into the game you are playing.

    I'll mention what games I've noticed support this in a moment but first here's how it works:

    I have an open chatroom featuring:

    Where we are having fun in the typical inane banter:

    Ok for those who don't know, it is possible to set up 16 player chatrooms on PS3 which allow you to text chat while playing games at the touch of the DUALSHOCK 3's "PS" button, just go to your Friends menu on the XMB and select "Start a new chat" to get one started.

    I feel like playing a game with my colleagues, what to play?

    And why not?

    What I'm going to show you is how to invite all of your chat room buddies into a game with minimum fuss.

    So I load up the game, go into the multiplayer section and enter the lobby, the place I go to normally set up my game. Once again, like other titles, this feature is dependant on the game. For Bioshock 2 I select "Manage Invites".

    The familiar invite message pops up, helpfully with a blank name first, allowing you to pick who you want to invite into the game. Select this field.

    Apologies for the quality of the photographs, the top option there is "Select from friends", the second is "Enter Online ID" which I always find handy as it means you don't have to have a person on your friends list. The third option may be new to you "Select from Chat Rooms". Pick this one.

    Again, apologies for the picture quality, it's because the text is selected and "flashing" in the way that it does. This is basically the list of active chat rooms I have open, just the one in this case. Just select the chat room you wish to invite into your game.

    This will be the next thing you see. LordRoss and Mark are in the game invite, ready to be sent off.

    Then before you know it they will pop up in my game. Turns out neither of them have B2 yet so I had to get back to work.

    So games I have notived feature this option include:

    - Bioshock 2
    - Call of Duty Classic
    - Alien vs Predator Demo
    - Dirt 2

    (Interestingly enough all of these games feature MW2's acceptable-out-of-the-game invite system)

    And I think it would be smashing if you guys could post here if you spot any more. See you next time!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    unreal291 Guest
    Not looked in a while but do we actually have group voice chat yet? Text chatting on a console I find a pain, plus seems a bit out-dated nowadays considering it interupts gameplay (that's if you want to check what they said).

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    Hmm... nice feature... but a little difficult if i am killing a boss... Voice chat would be better !

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    xelasha Guest

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    What a waste, why not put the time and effort into a voice chat system $ony?

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