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Thread: Sony's PlayStation Arc Rumored Button Configuration is Revealed

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    Sony's PlayStation Arc Rumored Button Configuration is Revealed

    This weekend ichinisan of NeoGAF has revealed the rumored button configuration of Sony's upcoming PlayStation Arc wand nunchuck, as confirmed by a developer to be both real and wireless.

    According to his post, the Arc will be longer than the Wii Remote and will include the analog stick on the front, along with the X and O buttons right below. Then below the X and O buttons, you will find a D-pad with the L1 and L2 below that.

    Additionally, is reporting that a Microsoft trademark could force Sony to rename its PS3 motion wand to avoid potential confusion and clashes with Microsoft over the trademark.

    To quote: "Just saw pictures of Wand/Nunchuk so:

    Nunchuck has an analog stick at the front, below that X and O and below that a D pad. Underneath is L1 and L2. Its actually long, not like the Wii Nunchuk.

    As for the Wand it has one very big button on top and then all four facebuttons (X,O,Square and Triangle) and underneath is a big trigger called T.

    I'm guess the doubling up of X and O across the two is to keep full compatibility with single Wand set-ups. Anyway, I'm sure we'll see in the week."

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    mihaiolimpiu Guest
    I've read the original post on neogaf, but it didn't impressed me at all. is this user trusted? or what?

    It's the first time I ever hear/read that the playstation "Arc" will be formed from a separate nunchuck and a wand... and it does not feel real because at E3 they used two wands for the archery minigame, now a separate nunchuck?

    And so many buttons on a nunchuck it just does not feel real... a two wand design seems more apropiate, see this thread for more info

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    Warrorar Guest
    woah i want this arc... can't wait to play the first rpg with it. swing my sword like i want to...

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    Pretikewl Guest
    I have to go with mihaiolimpiu on this one.

    It just seems a little too campy that they'd blatently "copy" what the Wii has. Also, I watch that E3 demo every so often, and everything they did showed having two wands. It just makes more sense.

    One of the reasons they boasted such precision control was due to using the camera and the glowing ball. If you added a "nunchuck" to it, you'd be no better off than the Wii (i own a wii, so yes, i can say it has crappy motion control ). Sony just isn't going to do that... i hope

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    wickedpenguinbo Guest


    I have heard this confirmed from another source also. Its suppose to be quite a bit longer than the wii remote.

    Due out fall this year.

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