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Thread: Sony's PlayStation 3: Both a Game Console And a Miracle Worker

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    Starlight Guest

    Sony's PlayStation 3: Both a Game Console And a Miracle Worker

    The PS3 has been doing miraculous things. Wait, what? You thought that innocent looking black box sitting under televisions across the world was just a game console?

    Most gamers take it for granted that Sony's console allows us to play great games, movies, music, and surf the Web. Sony has made it abundantly clear this generation that the PS3 is the most useful "gaming media hub" known to man.

    However, the PS3 is making a real tangible difference to lives of many people and in that regard it's on a roll.

    The PS3 has truly come a long way since its initial blueprints and continues to amaze fans with its growth in every passing year. The PS3 has to be one of the most "under appreciated" consoles in the media since the Dreamcast. Do they not see what the PS3 is doing right now?

    Sony knew that they had the most powerful console this generation, but did they know the extent of its potential? The PS3 is over 10x more powerful than your average PC and this fact garnered the attention of scientists, who were looking for supercomputers to use for their "folding of a protein cell" studies.

    Stanford University, located in California State, has linked PS3s around the world via the Internet to harness the collective computing power of cell processors to speed up the folding models of a protein cells. The program is called "[email protected]" and it can be activated by any PS3 user hooked up to the internet. Without [email protected] the study of protein cell folding would take exponentially longer.

    When developing the PS3, did Sony know it would one day play role in helping to find the cure for cancer? You have to give props to Sony and the PS3 for contributing to this study. While we are giving props, we should also thank all the universities and scientists out there who have dedicated their lives to making ours that much better.

    However, the PlayStation 3's contributions to science extend far beyond the human body and actually reach out into the far depths of space. The PS3 is now aiding scientists who study black holes. The device they have created is lovingly dubbed the "ps3 gravity grid," this simulation device is made up of 16 PS3's linked together and was created at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

    There has been an ongoing dispute over the speed at which spinning black holes stop vibrating just after formation or just after being perturbed by an outside object; miraculously, the PS3 has helped in resolving that very dispute.

    Utilizing the PS3 and its cell processor has allowed for the completion of the necessary and complex calculations that previously only supercomputers were capable of computing. Not only that, but the PS3 does it on a tight budget.

    "Science budgets have been significantly dropping over the last decade," laments Gaurav Kahanna, a physics professor at the University of Massachusetts, it seems that everyone is feeling the crunch in these tough economic times.

    So the next time someone complains that the PS3 costs too much, let them know that they are getting a great deal on a super computer. Science doesn't lie.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    BluEvo Guest
    The PS3 is truly an amazing piece of hardware. This just make me wonder, a group of PS3s set out to hack itself , obviously the above points such as helping to cure caner and solve gravity problems a much more important matters when applied to real life

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Exect was i mention the last weeks / months. Why not to build a new community project where talented devers will build a program for ps3 linux to use it as a cluster connected via NET. So over ps3news we should be able to get more than tousends of ppl involvet.

    So it should be possible.Im not so a pro like others here but if a cluster with 200 PS3īs could break the SSL encryption than im guess a cluster of few tousendīs PS3īs, and with the great work of devers and hackers, it will be possible.

    The other question is if they will support us? Can we get some coders what will write the client programms? Is it possible for devers / hackers to do this job?

    Or do i just dreaming with wet pantis

    And to make it clear: I just support [email protected] 24/7 hours per day since i have my ps3. And i buyed one of the first availables console in my country. Not enough next months i will buy 2-3 ps3īs more to support [email protected] becouse it is a very good thing. Or i will support a (maybe [email protected] / [email protected]) community project to gain a Retail PS3 with open system.

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    saviour07 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by BluEvo View Post
    This just make me wonder, a group of PS3s set out to hack itself
    lol the thought of a bunch of ps3's linked up together trying to hack another ps3 makes me giggle!

    yeh the [email protected] stuff is amazing and the stuff that the scientists seem to be using the lil black box for is incredible

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    Aleric Guest
    This machine can do just about anything a computer can

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    CyanCaze Guest
    All I have to say is raise your mugs to the PS3

    And one more for gaming in general. People call it a waste of time, and everyone who plays a geek. Yet because of gaming we push technology to the limit. You can't say our video computers pictures and music would be as good without gaming. Gaming forces your machine to the limit, and now a gaming console may be responsible for curing what is possible the worst disease on the planet Cancer.

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    wingwong Guest


    Is there some kind of software upgrade or downgrade to enable backwards-compatibility for ps2 games?... but i also hear that the it is not good in quality... is that true?

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