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    Apr 2005

    Sony's PlayStation 3 Beats the Nintendo Wii on Internet Use

    Research from MarketShare finds that PlayStation 3 users are far more likely to use their console for Internet browsing than those with a Nintendo Wii.

    The gap between the PS3 and Wii is pretty big, as the Wii has 0.01% of the Internet browser market share, while the PS3 has 0.04%.

    To quote: With more than 30 million Wiis sold into homes in its life to date compared to 16 million PS3s and both with Internet browsers, you might expect that Nintendo's family-friendly box to have a larger 'market share' on the Net than the former.

    You'd be wrong. A new report from Marketshare indicates that PlayStation 3 owners like to use their console (sorry, Interactive Entertainment System) for Web use than those people playing with their Wiis in December 2008.

    With Microsoft's Xbox 360 not having a browser, it doesn't figure in the stats.

    The gap between the PS3 and Wii is huge. Nintendo's machine gets 0.01% of 'operating system market share' compared to the PS3's 0.04%. It might look small - but it actually means that PS3 users use the Internet 400% more than Wii users.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    CyanCaze Guest
    What I find amazing is people think Sony is doing bad. The Wii is nearly half the price of the PS3, and the launched only a few days apart.

    So in terms the Ps3 has made almost the same amount of money as the Wii. I believe after that recall the Xbox is in last place in terms of Money. But I also have to think on how Sony is losing money on the PS3.

    I think a Smart move on Sony's part would be to buy part of insomniac games and make them 2nd party developers (Assuming they want to sell lol).

    But to get on track, I don't think it matters since both browsers are horrible.

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    xxLindenxx Guest


    well you have to pay to browse on the internet on the wii and hard to find where to.. as for the ps3 it's free and easy to find and i'm also guessing that it's faster. so it's normal that it has about 70% more users that use the browsing feature on the ps3.

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    villmux Guest
    "But to get on track, I don't think it matters since both browsers are horrible."

    I would disagree with that, with the PS3's browser you can go to virtually any website and play games like on miniclip.com, which is pretty cool for a console.

    Thank you Sony for updating the flash

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    Anthogno Guest
    Oh, poor gamers that blew all their savings on playstation cant even afford a computer with Internet Explorer. Here, have a penny.

    I mean, why would u browse Internet with a gaming console. Its terrible

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    justMaD Guest
    for a quick browse on a newssite, or bash.org or whatever, it's everything you need.
    it's not meant to be the only browser you'll ever use.

    get a generic mouse and keyboard and you have even more usablility.

    not even talking about linux...

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    foobert Guest
    i'm still waiting for better support for hulu. it runs very choppily, at least on my ps3.

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    Kraken Guest
    On the one hand you get better controls on the wii since the wiimote is basically a mouse. On the other hand, browsing in 480p is just painful.

    The PS3 browser is not much better. Many ads cause it to crash (on digg where I read news), and it couldn't play very many flash videos full speed or at all. PS3 Linux basically doesn't do flash, but that is adobe's fault since they won't release it for PPC linux.

    Overall, both browser suck as evidenced by their 0.05 combined marketshare. That is less than many obscure firefox offshoots.

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    rosenstern Guest

    Makes sense.

    Indeed at some stage of the so-called "console war" I considered buying a Wii. After giving it some thought I chose the ps3. 80 g. And it wasn't because of MGS4.

    The blue-ray alone seems to be reason enough for most people. But add the free online service and there's simply no contest. The Wii withdrew from the battle by seeking to please a different target audience. Itīs excellent for my little sister, and even for her mother... but most young adults need a proper entertainment device. And in that, the ps3 is, I think, unmatched.

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    g8crapachino Guest

    Such a shallow victory...

    I'm sorry but 0.04% is hardly a significant thing for anyone let alone Sony to brag about. I seriously doubt anyone at Nintendo is losing any sleep over it.

    In fact, these numbers are so low it probable explains why Microsoft hasn't even bothered with putting out a browser for the 360.

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