Sam Protagonist, a Sony Dev from the LittleBigPlanet forums, has opened a thread (linked above) to deal with any new information about LittleBigPlanet BETA keys with any Web site key giveaways to be posted. Here is what was posted by Sam:

Hi all, I'll be updating this thread regularly today with information about the beta and where keys can be applied for in this thread only. I won't be responding to any others, simply because there are so many of them.

LittleBigPlanet Beta FAQs

How do I join the beta?

Several thousand invitations are in the process of being sent out today by email. If you do not receive an email from SCE today, you will also be able to sign up over the next 5 days on a variety of popular gaming sites. I cannot name the sites here, however the LittleBigPlanet News Site will be giving out more details tomorrow. If any further places to sign up are made available I'll update this thread again.

What if I don't get a key, I really want to play!?

This beta is being released in order to test element of the online game. As such it should not be seen as a demo, a trial or anything more than helping us to ensure that the server architecture is running. If you don't get a key you are missing out on a version of the game which is extremely limited and not fully representative of the final Blu-ray release of the game.

I saw a key for sale, should I buy it?

Absolutely not. Any key which has been used already will be disabled as soon as it is used a second time. While some people may be selling unused keys it is firstly not worth the risk and secondly in violation of the EULA.

If I ask for a key can you give me one?

Please don't ask for keys here, it won't do you any good. Similarly don't ask for keys on the forum as a whole, it won't help your chances, and just makes the place look untidy.

I am feeling a little bit less cheated now that that sam will report as soon as any more info about key giveaways will be announced. Be sure to stay tuned to this thread if any Web sites are announced.
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