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    wicked insanity Guest

    Sony's long term plan, hit or miss??

    Sony is planning to keep the PS3 for around 10 years just like they did with the PS2, they built it with the lechnology to last, so they say. However my worry is that, because Microsoft aren't in it for the long term this could cause problems for the SONY strategy.

    The 360 was brought out earlier and was built with "in between gen' " tech. I fear that microsoft will only keep the 360 around for a few years before bringing out another console. I recon somewhere around 2010 we may see the 720 or whatever else they come up with but, but this new unit may be, and probably will be, superior to its counterpart, the PS3.

    Now this puts SONY in a very difficult situation because there initial intention after the poor start to the PS3 was that they weren't going to let MS pull out another early release, so either SONY plays the PS4 or hopes that the developments on the PS3 can match up to or better this new rival. Which I think it may struggle to do.

    If SONY did decide to bring out the PS4 prematurely they will lose loads on the PS3, or they keep the PS3 and hope it can keep up with the 720.

    The advantage they have is that most of the gaming market still currnetly owns a PS2, now by the time these people want to upgrade to a next gen console, in a few years time, the PS3 would have improved considerably beyond the capabilities of the XB360 but, if MS time the launch of their next console then the gamers will not be making a choice betweeen 360 or PS3 but the 720 and PS3 which is proably more weighted towards MS as many people will want to buy the latest tech on the scene.

    I think if this was the case then SONY may seriously get up sh*t creek without a paddle, however this is only a prediction so please dont shout, im only raising my concerns, what do you think??

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    Apr 2005
    I can see the PS3 lasting 10 years considering it has already been out over 1 already and hasn't even begun to really show what it can do yet.

    However, towards the latter part of the 10 year span I see Sony giving the PS3 a backburner spot to like PS4 and only relasing a limited number of games on it like they do for PS2 now.

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