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    Apr 2005

    Sony's Life With PlayStation Gets 'World Heritage' Channel Added

    Today Sony has updated Life with PlayStation by adding a completely new channel titled 'World Heritage' to it.

    It's a simple update, as the channel includes information from various Web sites (including Wikipedia) from multiple areas around the world.

    To quote: If you leave your controller for a long enough time, it automatically begins spinning the globe (like the other channels) and displays hi-res pictures from the areas you're hovering above about.

    If you would like to see a picture from a designated area, then you can hover the country, hit 'X' and then press the 'start' button.

    An overall nice addition to the free application, allowing many Life with PlayStation fans to do even more while helping the common good.

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    seed101 Guest

    Thumbs Up good!

    i just check the world heritage a while ago.. its pretty cool! you'll see different places around the world! and i always put my playstation 3 on folding home when i'm not using it..

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