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    Sony's E3 2011 Press Conference Slated for June 6, 2011

    Today TheGamerAccess.com (linked above) has confirmed that Sony's Electronic Entertainment Expo E3 2011 Press Conference is slated for June 6, 2011.

    The annual event will take place on Monday, June 6th at 5:00pm PST at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena.

    To quote: "As a member of the Press, I will be lucky enough to attend E3 2011 in June to see and experience what's coming for us gamers.

    Many of the company's largest announcements come from their dedicated press conferences and I am proud to announce the official date, time, and place of Sony's E3 2011 Press Conference.

    It will take place at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena on Monday, June 6th at 5:00pm PST."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    NTA Guest
    i wonder if they wil get questions about the security of the ps3 and ngp when e3 arrives.. can't wait to check this out

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    Bishoff Guest
    Heh, I wonder if there will be a guy who stands up in the audience, and shouts out why they keep suing there customers? I can see Sony pulling out the stun gun lol

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