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Thread: Sony Wraps Up PlayStation Home for 2011, Updates Aurora

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    Sony Wraps Up PlayStation Home for 2011, Updates Aurora

    SCEE Manager James Gallagher has announced that PlayStation Home is being wrapped up for the year this coming Thursday, and shared details on the new Aurora v1.4 updates below as well.

    To quote: On Thursday 22nd December from 8AM BST PlayStation Home will go offline for scheduled maintenance. Here is what to expect when PS Home reopens...

    The darkness has been lifted from Aurora! Peace and beauty have finally been restored. Along with the return of daylight, Aurora is currently passing above a large mountain range.

    Hopefully the islands will remain high enough to avoid any collisions!

    There is now a new island holding a fantastic single and multiplayer game called 'Espionage 9′, along with another island containing the addictive 'Los Penguini Brothers' mini game.

    We also have a new Teller of Tales story about the discovery of the islands which will be coming very shortly. Also, as well as new rewards for level 95 and a very special level 100 reward, we're giving everyone not one but two free items to celebrate the launch of Aurora 1.4.

    One will be given on entering the space, and the other will arrive with the new Teller of Tales story. So what are you waiting for? Come and explore the wonders of Aurora now!

    Forget snow and ice, mittens and scarves, and being able to see your own breath. Board Figment's Dream Yacht and get away from all that.

    Spend your holidays basking in the sun on the deck of your private yacht, or sooth your cares away in one of the two on-board hot tubs. It's the perfect place to entertain, with several lounge areas and exquisite views of your own private tropical hideaway.

    The yacht comes with some beautiful furnishings already in place, but if you spend some time exploring its expansive three floors you may find more things to add that special finishing touch.

    Do the opulent surroundings justice and dress to impress - gain access to Lockwood's Exclusive Store only available on the Dream Yacht, for elegant fashions that will assure you're styled head and shoulders above the rest! Start living the dream with Figment.

    Over in the Threads store, adidas Originals is all in! Style up and get brand new official adidas Originals items for your PlayStation Home Avatar. Show your originality with loads of different items: Tops, Bottoms, Shoes and even Hats - either go for the classics like the Firebird Tracksuits and Superstar shoes or run with the latest and freshest fashion styles. Go all in with adidas Originals on PlayStation Home!

    Konami brings the brand new Anime line to PS Home with Custom animations. Power up as a guys or Dance as a girl. You can now emote with sweat and forehead veins and peace signs as well!

    In addition to custom animations, hair colour is customisable and there are a variety of anime character types to choose from. Collect them all! Konami also continues their popular Gothic line with new clothing for women and men. Dance under the midnight moon in this new arcane apparel!

    Last up this week, here's a message from our friends at doublesix games:

    "Hello! Jamin Smith from doublesix games here, developers of Burn Zombie Burn! and it's spiritual successor - the upcoming arcade-RPG All Zombies Must Die!

    AZMD! is a twin-stick shooter grounded in RPG sensibilities. Think: quests, character levelling, item-crafting, hilarious characters, a witty self-referential script, four player co-op and zombies by the truck-load, and you'll get a pretty good idea of things.

    And it's true, of course; all zombies must die. The undead are foul, wretched beings that want nothing more than to chow the delicious grey matter hiding between your ears. That said, the ambling corpses make great little followers, and I'm here today with news of four new Companions to keep your avatars company in PlayStation Home; SWAT, Crazy and Jogger zombies, in addition to everybody's favorite alien, Luxo.

    The All Zombies Must Die! Christmas bundle is available now for €8.99 / 7.19, with individual Companions priced at €1.99 / 1.59. Don't forget, PlayStation Home already plays host to the All Zombies Must Die! themed Big Head Pack, which offers three masks and six Companions.

    For more, 'like' All Zombies Must Die! on Facebook or take a gander at the official AZMD! site ."

    Well, that wraps it up for 2011 on PlayStation Home. There will be no PS Home update next week due to the holidays, so here's wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    [imglink=|Sony Wraps Up PlayStation Home for 2011, Updates Aurora][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Sony Wraps Up PlayStation Home for 2011, Updates Aurora][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Sony Wraps Up PlayStation Home for 2011, Updates Aurora][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    The "Dream Yacht" reminds me of a house I made on The Sims 3 before. I surrounded the house with water so no one could get in out out and I made it look like a ship. A fire started in my house though and my Sim died.

    Sorry for going off-topic, I just had to share that.

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    Heh, ouch indeed!

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