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    Starlight Guest

    Sony: We Won't Drop Blu-ray for the PlayStation 3 Console

    In February, analyst Mike Hickey indicated a PlayStation 3 price drop would hit near the end of the month. Didn't happen. He also passed on speculation that Sony would drop the PS3's Blu-ray drive.

    Wait. What? Drop the thing that makes the entirety of the PlayStation 3's physical game library playable? That's what he said. See?

    "We are also hearing continued speculation that Sony is working on a non-Blu-ray PS3 console, which could enable them to make the aforementioned hardware price reduction," Hickey wrote in a note to investors last month.

    Sony says there's no way that's going to happen.

    "That would pretty much destroy the PS3's backbone, our games were built on Blu-ray," Sony marketing manager Kim Nguyen tells Business Insider. "Quote that: Blu-ray will always be part of PS3."

    Glad we got that sorted out. Also, duh!

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    tuomi Guest
    It's amazing how retarded it can sound when a clueless business analyst makes a statement like this. Yet there's still people listening to those guys..

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    GZA1984 Guest
    Ya analysts make their money way too easy...

    Every single (average IQ) gamer knows that this would be impossible to do in the first place.

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    BluEvo Guest
    Like tuomi stated anyone who believe this is off their head. TBH I knew this was bull from the beginning as $ony wanted a "True HD" platform hence taking the Blu-Ray drive out would take the "True" part out and make it like the "360 HD"

    Even if this PS3 was made, it wouldnt be a very good PS3 as like Mike Hickey said:
    [Taking out Blu-Ray] would pretty much destroy the PS3's backbone, our games were built on Blu-ray

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    DMagic1 Guest
    Makes you wonder how much they really know about the stuff they talk about..

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    CyanCaze Guest
    All I have to say to this article is.... No duh.

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