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    Sony Unveils Round Two of PlayStation Plus Treats for December

    As a follow-up to their last update, today PlayStation Network Product Manager James Thorpe has detailed the second round of treats for PlayStation Plus subscribers this December.

    To quote: Hi again, its already time for the next treats to be added to Plus for you! Today we will be adding a couple of little extras that we hope you will enjoy.

    You may have heard about a game called DC Universe Online? Well we have worked hard to make sure that you guys get exclusive access to the Beta of this huge MMO Action title. All Plus members will be included and the download is being added to the Plus section of PlayStation Store as we speak - yes, that's right now.

    Due to the scale of the game, this Beta Trial will require approximately 15GB of free Hard Disk Drive (HDD) space, and can take an average of 3-4 hours to download, or potentially longer depending on your broadband internet connection. It will definitely be worth it though!

    We are also giving you guys a great PSP game Add-on for free. Little Big Planet PSP Turbo! Pack, will be yours to download and keep forever today. This pack contains loads of extras for LBP PSP.

    And finally, try the game Prototype before you buy as it will be in the Plus section from today as a full game trial.

    Will be back on the 22nd with even more treats for you.

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    MorPs3Kng Guest

    Thumbs Down

    Round two.. Swing and a miss!

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    tilla Guest
    DCUO is one of the best MMO's I've played in a long time just for sheer fun in the gameplay.

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    croft72 Guest
    I know I've been lookin forward to DC Universe Online for quite some time now but 15gb of HDD space just for the demo? I hope the full game doesn't require that in order to play.

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