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Thread: Sony Unveils PlayStation Plus Content for December and January

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    Sony Unveils PlayStation Plus Content for December and January

    Sony PlayStation Network Product Manager James Thorpe has unveiled the upcoming PlayStation Plus content for December of this year and January 2011 today.

    To quote: There are three things I need to cover off in this post: first, I need to give you the latest Plus content list for December and January, then I need to let you know that you will be getting lots of extra festive treats in December and, finally, I need to clear up any confusion around the issue of DLC in Plus.

    Here's the list of content that is available to Plus members from 1st December - 5th January:


    Bubble Trubble

    Dracula: Undead Awakening

    PSOne Classic:
    Oddworld: Abe's Exodus

    Exclusive Discounts:
    PlayTV Live Chat (25% discount) - valid until 6th July 2011

    Punisher No Mercy (50%) continues until Jan

    Greed Corp 50%

    Age of Hammer Wars (50%)

    Impossible Mission & Super Fruitfall Deluxe bundle (two for the price of one)

    Dead Nation Day One discount (20%)

    Full Game Trial:
    Assassins Creed

    Dynamic themes:
    Exclusive Winter Theme

    Exclusive Lava Lamp Theme x4 Colour variations

    Premium avatars:
    Dead Nation Avatars x2 exclusive from 8th Dec

    Hustle Kings Avatars x5 from 8th Dec

    Premium Home Elements:
    From the 2nd of Dec. all Plus members will have access to an exclusive Private Members Club in PlayStation Home. Relax with friends, check out the latest Plus content and play the exclusive Home card game 'Shed'.

    And here is some of what you can expect to see from the 5th January -

    Astro Tripper

    Minis: *Brand New mini*
    Pipe Madness (2 weeks early, exclusively for Plus)


    PSOne Classic:
    Colony Wars

    Exclusive Discounts:
    PlayTV Live Chat (25% discount) - valid until 6th July 2011

    Stardrone (PS3) - 20% - Day 1 discount

    Breath of Fire (PSP) - 40%

    Dark Stalkers' Chronicals (PSP) - 40%

    Megaman Maveric Hunter (PSP) - 40%

    Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP) - 20%

    Fate Unlimited (PSP) - 60%

    PowerStone Collection (PSP) - 40%

    Capcom Classics Reloaded (PSP) - 40%

    Capcom Classics Remixed (PSP) - 50%

    Capcom Puzzle World (PSP) - 40%

    Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max (PSP) - 40%

    MAG DLC Bundle - 50%

    Costume Quest and DLC bundle (20%)

    Dynamic themes:
    Exclusive Fire Theme

    Exclusive 'Year of the Rabbit' Theme

    Premium avatars:
    Eat Them Premium Avatars x5

    We have again tried to give you the most complete list possible for January but sometimes we will have to make slight changes. We will let you know if there are any changes and what the full game trials are ASAP.

    Now, let's talk treats! In December we have managed to get you more than the average in terms of extra little bonuses to hopefully bring you a little festive cheer. I'll be on here a few times during the month to let you know what's coming your way.

    Now onto the subject of DLC within the Plus schedule. Firstly I just want to apologise if I caused confusion over this issue, that was never my intention.

    Here is the current situation within Plus Premium game elements, mentioned in the T's&C's (Terms and Conditions) are not referring to DLC. The Private Members Club in PlayStation Home is an example of a premium game element and we are working with developers to try and get you other premium elements in certain games. When we are able to provide these, they will expire if your Plus subscription expires (as stated in the terms of service).

    Add-ons are separate to premium game elements. In the original blog-post, I was using the phrase "Add-ons" to refer to extra content, including DLC. Currently, add-ons do not expire when the subscription expires

    Premium game elements and add-ons are not part of the core monthly content, I apologies again if my post during the launch of Plus was incorrect, I'm afraid this was just an honest mistake during the hectic launch period of Plus.

    I hope that clears up any confusion around DLC but I also want to let you know that we are working hard to make sure we bring you the Premium game elements and add-ons as often as we can.

    [imglink=|Sony Unveils PlayStation Plus Content for December and January][/imglink]
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    knight0fdragon Guest
    Hooray for Sony doubling up already on games they offer to us, another way to screw us plus members over.

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    Azul Guest
    Seriously? Every update is the same... a ton of whiners show up. Look at how much you are paying for PSN+ They are not going to give you $60 worth of content every single week. And if you are one of those impulse control lacking "hardcore" players you will also already own all the games they offer up for a deal.

    I've been consistently picking up a decent 3 or 4 dollars worth of stuff every update. By the end I will have tried a few decent games, played one or two awesome ones and be satisfied. I don't expect them to release AC:Brotherhood on the network the week it comes out.

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    Warrorar Guest
    I'm so glad that i only paid 30$ for my 15months membership...

    at startup they released some nice things, but now it's everytime 60% crap =/

    i'm only happy about the dinamic themes...

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