Sony Senior Producer Chris Bruce of London Studio has unveiled some new SingStar PS3 features that are coming this June to the PlayStation 3 entertainment system, as follows:

Thanks to everyone who has taken part in our Beta so far, and those who have signed up for the next Beta events, there has been a great response. We have received loads of valuable feedback from you all and been working hard to get fixes and improvements into the game. Onto the features though...

First up is SingStar Remote, which enables you to connect to SingStar with a PSP during a game session and create a playlist of up to 20 songs.

The playlist can be edited whilst someone else is singing, allowing you to queue up loads of songs to play from a carousel on the PSP and move swiftly form one song to the next, ensuring no break in your SingStar party. Ever.

For truly professional SingStar players we have upgraded our gameplay to give the player feedback when you are singing with extra style using your natural vibrato. We suggest honing your vibrato skill on Gold by Spandau Ballet, Street Spirit by Radiohead or one of the tracks from the Il Divo SongPack. Good luck!

SingStar Clubs are expanding, a single club can now have up to 1000 members, and you will be able to join up to five clubs.

We have also made a couple of minor changes to the SingStore - you will be able to view users' videos in the community galleries directly from a song in the SingStore, and move directly from a song to a corresponding SongPack in which it features.

We hope that you will enjoy all the features coming in the June update and look forward to getting more feedback from those of you that are taking part in the Beta trials. For those of you that aren't taking part in the Beta, it'd be great to hear your comments on these new features below.

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