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    Sony Unveils New PlayStation Home Square and Shopping Centre

    Today SCEE Community Lead Alex Weekes has unveiled a new PlayStation Home Square and Shopping Centre.

    To quote: Today, we're pleased to announce that this Thursday we cut the ribbon and open the brand new Home Square and Shopping Centre!

    We're really excited about finally releasing the new spaces, where we'll be able to bring you, the community that makes PlayStationHome what it is, exciting new experiences.

    So read on to find out more about the completely revamped spaces and new content housed within them: there's so much I'm not quite sure where to start...

    We'll kick off with the harbour-side Home Square, where you'll find plenty of exciting new attractions. Joining existing buildings - such as the cinema and bowling alley - you'll find all-new mini-games including Supa-Fun Robo-Goalie Time!!, a game where you will be put on the spot to kick home penalty shots past an increasingly skilful robot goalie.

    Towards the harbour frontage you'll find a video screen topped by a scrolling news ticker, where you'll be able to find out all the latest goings-on in Home. Take a moment to gaze across the harbour view then have a closer look at the attractive new water fountain that doubles as a Polling Booth. Here you will be able to answer multiple-choice questions on a wide range of topics, with the community's answers affecting the water jets in real time.

    Once you can drag yourself away from all the new fun to be had in Home Square, take a wander past the cinema and through to the new open-air Shopping Centre. Surrounding an open central space, shop fronts both old and new are easily accessible. As a quick hint, if you're looking for some bargains head for Threads 2 and see what you can find!

    We look forward to welcoming you all to the new Home Square and Shopping Centre this Thursday!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Nice - anyone care comment about the "speed" since last update and then indeed tomorrow with new plazza and mall? Can't test it myself being stuck on 3.15 FWs.

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