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    Sony Unveils New Black Friday PS3 Slim Bundle Deals

    Sony's Senior Vice President of Sales Tim Bender has revealed some new Black Friday PS3 Slim bundle deals on the PlayStation Blog.

    To quote: I'm going to kick this off by introducing myself to all of you since I'm a relatively new addition to the PlayStation team.

    I'm Tim Bender the new head of sales at SCEA and I'm thrilled to be joining the company at such an exciting time and even more excited to be sharing with you some of the enticing deals we've got planned this Friday.

    While recent sales momentum is proving that PS3 on its own is a deal many of you could not pass up, we've been working hard with our retail partners to offer incomparable incentives and value options this holiday.

    This Friday, across many of your favorite local retailers, you'll be able to find the new 120GB PS3 system packaged with a selection of this season's hottest games, and in some cases, the latest Blu-ray movie releases.

    Keep in mind, the deals listed below are just the tip of the iceberg. Make sure to look in your Thursday papers to find other great deals from local favorites like Fry's, Hastings Entertainment, Nebraska Furniture Mart, Game Crazy, hhgregg, BrandsMart, Meijer and Shopko.

    - Amazon: 120GB PS3 system inFAMOUS and Killzone 2 for $299 and $10 Amazon promotional credit

    - Best Buy: 120GB PS3 system with LittleBigPlanet: Game of the Year and Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time $299

    - GameStop: 120GB PS3 system with God of War Collection (1 & 2) and LittleBigPlanet: Game of the Year $299

    - Sony Style: 120GB PS3 system with UNCHARTED: Drake's Fortune and inFAMOUS $299

    - Walmart: 120GB PS3 system with inFAMOUS and Batman Arkham Asylum, plus the Dark Knight Blu-ray Disc Movie $299

    Last year Jeff invited you to update the group on additional deals you found throughout the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

    We invite you to do the same again this year; we'll be leaving this post front and center through Saturday. If you find something good - share with the group!

    I hope we've packed some good deals in that'll make it worth leaving the confines of your home to brave the elements-and parking lots.

    Happy shopping and Turkey day,

    Tim Bender

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    CyanCaze Guest
    Wow, Gamestop and Sony style has terrible deals. Not Saying the two games are bad, but they're at least $20 less then the other deals. If anyone is going to get one of these deals, go for the Wal-Mart one. Two good games and a good movie. Runner up would have to be a tie between Amazon and Best Buy.

    I would say get the Amazon one if the only people you plan on playing it are mature males. And if your girlfriend/wife and/or Kids are going to play it, Then get the one from Best Buy. Still Wal-Mart has not only the best value, but is also a good choice because kids love batman and Infamous is Awesome.

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    Joseph Stalin Guest
    I'm not a big fan of Batman and I have already played Arkham Asylum on my PC, so I would rather buy Sony or GameStop bundle.

    GameStop's good because it has 3 games and I wonder how does it feel to play GoW I-II in HD. And Sony's fine too because it contains 2 great games.

    So I think it's a perfect time to buy PS3 if you don't have it yet.

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