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    Apr 2005

    Sony UK Launches an Official LittleBigPlanet YouTube Page

    Sony has launched an official new LittleBigPlanet YouTube page today, and in celebration they are offering someone the chance to be sent all the way around the world.

    Full details are available linked above, or at www.YouTube.com/LittleBigPlanetUK and to quote:

    Welcome to the home of LittleBigPlanets Creators. This channel is a celebration of all the weird and wonderful level creations out there on LittleBigPlanet. So get busy with your creations, submit, subscribe and enjoy as every week there will be special LittleBigPlanet giveaways to our community.

    Finally, below is a video from LittleBigPlanetUK entitled "Where in the world is Sackboy?"


    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    peluynathi Guest

    LBP website

    i am very disappointed with LBP at the moment, i have tried several ways to get a level recognized without alot of success. finally i posted a level that was getting fast plays and good ratings. i hadover 300 plays in the first hour alone and a 5 star rating. i was so pleased because i spent 2 weeks making the level. i got up the next morning excited, straight to the ps3 to see how many plays i had by morning. it was almost like christmas.

    i went straight to my levels only to find out that sometime in the night my level had been moderated, no reason for why, only that it and all my plays and reviews had been deleted. why bother posted anything, that by one complaint by an agry user, maybe for a bad review on there game cant get yours deleted. a very poor feature if you ask me. so to the point seems like an overall waiste of time.

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