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Thread: Sony Talks PS3 Home, Coming By Year-End But Still In BETA

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    Takavach Guest

    Sony Talks PS3 Home, Coming By Year-End But Still In BETA

    It feels as though I've been writing about PlayStation Home for years. I haven't, it's only been months in reality, but with its release being delayed constantly, known and unknown development issues, and questions still remaining, it feels like the service has been a long time coming. Which makes any official word from Sony very interesting indeed.

    Jack Buser, the director of PlayStation Home, recently sat down with IGN to discuss Home. He talks about why we should care about it, what experience it will give us, and what is it with all these delays.

    He explains that Home is going to be a place to meet friends online, to find gamers of the same skill level and into the same games as you. It's going to replace the arcade as the place to make new friends and share your hobby with them. All in all, Sony is excited about Home, and so, apparently should you be.

    Great, so where is it and when can we, the great unwashed who haven't been invited to try the closed beta be able to experience the joys of Home? Buser claims the service is now entering the final stages of closed beta, with the open beta very close to launch. And he goes one further by stating:

    "Like we've said, we're excited about moving PlayStation Home into its Open Beta stage this year. Once we make the move to Open Beta, everyone will have access to PlayStation Home."

    That's right folks, just five weeks before the end of the year is upon us, and the man in charge of Home has categorically stated that everyone will have access to Home before the start of 2009. But even though we're all be invited, Home will still be in beta?!?

    I can understand the delays, although I'm not happy with them. Home is, after all, something new and as yet untried in the gaming community. But it can't be good that the beat looks set to continue for well, forever by the looks of it. Could it be that Home is set to be like so many other Internet services and remain in beta forever, constantly being tinkered with?

    I'm actually looking forward to PlayStation Home immensely, having lost my early pessimism over how good it could or would be. But to say everybody's becoming a little bit impatient is the understatement of the year. Just release it already and let us see why it has taken so long to develop. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    BlingOnMyWrist Guest


    PlayStation Home has been delayed for over a year from it's original release date. At this time last year I was looking into which video game console I wanted to get and, Home was one great benefactor in choosing the PlayStation 3. Thanks to leakers we have been able to see much that has been changed in Home through sites like YouTube. I think that Home seemed ready when it was set to release.

    Since then, features have been added and some have been removed. I know many were disappointed when we found that video streaming from our hard drives was not going to be available. As of now, in the beta, there are no game spaces, nothing for sale in the stores, not much furniture for our apartments, no trophy room, not many clothing choices and other things.

    It is in the Beta stage but, I hope that these features are soon reinserted into Home. I do wish that there were some way for Sony to get us video streaming again...

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    Transient Guest
    A beta product that is available to everyone isn't all that bad of an idea. Gmail, for example, is still in beta (don't believe me? look at the logo).

    The benefit of them going wide open with the public beta is they can appease all the people who have been waiting while at the same time having a valid excuse why certain things don't work the way they should.

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    jro121782 Guest

    Thumbs Up

    I finally got into the beta after about a year of watching others get a glimpse of what it's like. There is a pretty cool game room where you can play bowling, pool, and 3 diifferent arcade games to play if you get lucky. It seems like everytime I want to play a game I have to wait for one to open up. But they are all pretty fun. There is a movie theatre where they have been showing SOCOM CONFRONTATION since I have been in the beta.

    There screens all over showing off videos of games and even one of them is showing off a PSP commercial. Then you have the mall where there are a bunch of stores to buy clothes, houses, furniture, etc. But nothing in them yet. On the second floor there are 3 tables where you can sit down and play chess with a friend or just some random person.

    What I think is pretty cool is you can start a club where you and your friends go and have meetings, post comments on one of two bulletin boards, or just a place to hang around and chat if you like.

    Oh yah you have a house which you can decorate from your wall paper to your furniture. It is pretty cool and can't wait to see what it's like in a year or two.

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    xxLindenxx Guest
    i think home BETA to the whole public is a great idea, of course thinking of it as not complete sounds disapointing, but just think of the fun you will have in the future, sony will get a better idea of what the gamers want and will probly add them since there it's still in beta. but still, can't wait for it's release!

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    zoned Guest
    I just got access to the beta for the first time and first impressions were pretty good.

    As a lot of people look the same, they need to make beards available for your character and more configuration options for the clothes.

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