"Based on a tip we picked up from reader Hummer_dk, we decided to check out the Sony Style (U.S.) online shop regarding its apparent pullout of the PlayStation3 20GB console. And while typing in "PlayStation 3" yielded plenty of related results, which ranged from the PS3 60GB console, the PS3 remote, the PS3 Audio/Video Cable, and the PS3 SIXAXIS controller, the PS3 20GB model was nowhere to be seen.

Trying our luck a little more, we tried a couple of more keywords, such as "PlayStation 3 20GB", "PS3 20GB", and just "20GB" - nothing. We tried typing "60GB" for extra measure, and sure enough, search results appeared for the PS3 60GB. It appears that the Sony Style has indeed closed its doors to the PS3 20GB model. Either that, or we're experiencing a bizarre search engine fluke.

It will be remembered that last month, SCEA senior director of communications Dave Karraker explained that there were still supplies of the 20GB model available in North America, although retailers were stocking more of the 60GB model. It will be further remembered that Best Buy was confirmed to be removing the 20GB version from their store shelves."