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Thread: Sony and Square Enix Sued for Final Fantasy XIII Freezing on PS3

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    Sony and Square Enix Sued for Final Fantasy XIII Freezing on PS3

    As if there weren't enough class action lawsuits filed recently for the removal of OtherOS on PS3, IGN reports that yet another lawsuit (PDF) is brewing against Sony and Square Enix over Final Fantasy XIII freezing and in some cases breaking the user's PlayStation 3 entertainment system.

    To quote: "The lawsuit, filed on June 2, 2010 by Daniel Wolf of San Diego, Calif., alleges Final Fantasy XIII has caused 'severe and widespread damage' to Sony PS3 gaming systems since its release on March 9, 2010.

    The lawsuit states that, for many consumers playing Final Fantasy XIII, has 'caused their PS3 consoles to freeze and become totally and permanently inoperable.'

    Wolf said he purchased a copy of Final Fantasy XIII the day it was released, and when attempting to save his game, his PS3 became unresponsive and would no longer play any other media after restarting it.

    The suit also alleges that both Sony and Square Enix blamed the issue on one another. Square Enix said the issue resulted from Sony's console, and Sony blamed the issue on a faulty Final Fantasy XIII game disc. Neither company allegedly offered to cover the cost of repairing PS3 consoles.

    The class seeks more than $5 million in damages and other financial relief."

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    Reaper2122 Guest
    5 million for damages and financial relief MY ASS this guy is trying to sue a respectable company (square enix) for this guys fault he probably made that up just so he could get a few dollars, and anyways a ps3 and ff13 put together aren't even worth a single thousand dollars.. so what whould 5 million do for ya that extra wing to your mansion or something. jeez some people getting so greedy they'll make false charges, I think he should owe them some money for a decent game that they made. sorry for that just baffled me at why he should earn that money for a faulty console/disc.

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    Indeed, it will be interesting to see if any of these "class action lawsuits" against Sony that are forming on a near daily basis are ever won.

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    kidd78 Guest
    haha they will settle this with one replacement ps3 and new copy of FF13 thats it! 5 million yen more like lol as if, bet it was the lawyer that said aim high and we negotiate from there. Absolute joke and waste of court time.

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    croft72 Guest
    I read up on this earlier & its wild to see how Sony & Square-Enix are blaming one another for over 100 PS3's being bricked. It seems kind of funny to see major companies' behavior turn out like this. The results to this will be more than interesting to see.

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    sika Guest
    I had a similar problem a few weeks after i had ff13, no disc would read, no ps3 games or dvd movies, i turned the ps3 off and on and it was still not working, i restored factory settings and it fixed the problem, man i was almost in tears, not sure if its the same problem but thought i'd post my simular exp.

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    b0mber21 Guest
    I find it odd that Sony and Square-Enix are fighting over what is most likely Square-Enix's fault in the first place. To me it seems neither of the companies want to refund the PS3's and pay the $5 Million in damages because of what had happened.

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    zangetsu1 Guest
    It also happend to me.. In my case it is my 1TB hdd that got killed... Think about all those movies pictures and music...

    No matter how hard I tried... the Console frozed up on me when trying to boot up...

    had to re insert the 60 GB drive... But still 5 million dollars... C'mon man..

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Seems odd as hell to me as lawyer because:

    1. How the hell will he prove that only that specific disk (FF13) caused this damages? Not Killzone, LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted or he damaged it as well accidentaly or on purpose, but the damage was caused only by FF13? He need to call some few-hundred dollars expert group to make conclusion.

    2. And yeah, how can the sum brought to the court (5 millions) exceed sum of damages (nearly 700$ at best, not to think that his console surely wasn't new, so it should be labeled as "used" this way, if gurantee perios is over he should get restorations as for the "used" console), is 4 999 300$ a sum of moral damages? LMAO

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Umm - sadly - quite a lot of original / phat (as well as new / slim ones though indeed) PS3s is dying regularly all the time and taking in consideration FFXIII is surely stretching the limits of PS3 hardware it's quite logical a few from the over all amount (100 from how many millions) will simply die under stress of the game.

    Also - without proper evaluation of each of the damaged PS3s as well as the condition they were used into (were they for example properly ventilated or were they upgraded with 7.200 RPM hard drives etc. etc.) it's almost impossible to specifically point out the exact cause of the failure (as it's almost never only just one element).

    So - while there could be a bit of "help" from FFXIII in killing those machines ("last straw" situation), proving so above any doubts would be practically impossible and my guess would be that the lawyer(s) in this case is/are playing on the fact that one or other company will offer / accept settlement out of court to avoid the "bad" publicity ...

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