Sony's Associate Editor Nathan Ditum has shared a preview today of FirstPlay Episode 16 for the PlayStation 3 entertainment system.

To quote: We've got three exciting videos for you this week on FirstPlay. Actually we've got way more than three, but there are three really exciting ones.

First we go hands-on with zombie sequel Dead Rising 2, slashing, drilling and electrocuting our way through a Vegas-style Casino crammed with rotting undead fleshsacks, and getting a very firm grip on the game's weapon creation system. Saw blades and a lawnmower you say? Interesting...

Then we've got previews of period underworld epic Mafia 2, including an interview with the 2K dev team, and some properly incredible footage of SEGA's awesome looking robot-and-flames shooter, Vanquish. It has a sort of Transformers noise! Amazing.

On top of that we've got the second part of our Red Dead Redemption guide - falling to our baser urges, this week involves mostly shooting - plus a look at what's new on the PSP comic store, selected highlights of the latest downloadable movies and a round-up of your most amazing Skate bails.

Lastly we've got our screenshot galleries, which this week include MotorStorm: Apocalypse, FIFA 11, Final Fantasy XIV and, a game I'm particularly hot for having sunk over 90 hours into Burnout Paradise, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. All of this comes at our regular, tiny price of 99p, or even less if you take out a 90-day subscription for 8.99. Which all your cool friends already have.

Episode 16 will be up on the Store from this Wednesday. We'd love to hear all your feedback, suggestions for content, and zombie invasion contingency plans. See the Future of PS3. First.

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