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    Sony To Sell US $399 40gig PS3?, FFXIII delayed to late 2008?

    Game Informer magazine's August issue is now out, and it's got a bunch of juicy tidbits coming your way. According to the game-oriented magazine, Sony is planning on releasing a 40GB US$ 399 PlayStation 3, but will have no backward-compatibility. Game Informer was even waiting for the announcement at E3, but the news wasn't confirmed in the event.

    As for the much-anticipated title in the Final Fantasy series, Game Informer reports that the status of the Final Fantasy XIII's progress is in a state of disarray, and the localization process is estimated to take until the end of next year to be finished.

    Those were quite tasty chunks of rumors for the PS3 system. Will they ever turn out the be true and either please and/or disappoint Sony fans?

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    no backwards compatability? thats about the stupidest thing $ony could do.

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    They probably meant no PS2 chipset built in, so backwards compatibility by emulation. Of course the systems being built now are already lacking the PS2 hardware.

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    I don't think software emulation of PS2 games is really that hard nowadays, so why people are complaining I don't know.

    As for Final Fantasy, it is only about 12% complete. So who knows when it would come out. Especially considering that Final Fantasy 12 came out less than a year ago.

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