"Three Speech's blog entry the other day came in a surprise to all of PlayStation 3 (PS3) fans. The write-up consisted of upcoming titles that will supposedly become available for the console by September. The report was given much weight because of the group's track record and close ties with Sony.

Quite curiously, Three Speech committed a mistake by saying that Bioshock!, an Xbox 360 exclusive, is coming to the PS3. The error was immediately fixed but still, it was highly curious. To add to all these, Sony went on record and mentioned that th entry is not entirely correct.

One representative from the company mentioned, "The release date on Three Speech for Killzone PS3 is a mistake. We haven't made any announcements for a date yet, as it's still TBC." However, and more mind boggling if we may add, the representative didn't comment on the other previously mentioned titles.

So, does that mean that by September, we will all finally get our hands on sweet titles Heavenly Sword, Lair, Ratchet and Clank, and WarHawk? We will update you as more information surface."