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    mikelkite Guest


    Wow, just wow. Sony can stick psn, gots me a gaming pc n 360. No way am I signing this. How can they already be banning people if we are just getting the new TOS? you cannot apply laws (I use that word loosely) in retrospect.

    Also I think the TOS are slightly illegal, regarding that Sony own the console now, can draw more money than you agree on with a minimum fee crap, and to wipe/delete data they don't like on 'their' console. I stood by Sony for so long but now, I'd rather use my xbox or pc.

    Who do they think they are? I can't wait for some legal representative to update their ps3 and make a name for themselves by destroying Sony in what could be a landmark case. How can Sony justify banning when the TOS are just now released. Surely them spying on us and banning is so illegal it would make the mafia whince!

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    RevCube Guest

    hello live

    all i can say is HELLO MR GATES HERE IS 60 BUCKS FOR LIVE. AUTOMATICALLY TO MY PS3 YOU GOTTA BE SICK TO AGREE TO THIS, they already know what tv we use, i wonder if the bastards have been watching us with playstation eye?

    shows the power they have they can control our systems i am not only never going to use PSN again but i am also going to BLOCK the mac address from my router who knows what these bastards are doing behind the scenes, i still can't get over that they know what tv we use, i had 2 ps3s one for hbrew and one for psn now ima homebrew the otherone and put it in another room. online will be xbox live from now on.

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    BryanNitro Guest
    Man are the game console industries trying to destroy themselves, does anyone remember the 30,000+ in PS3 sales in one month due to a rumor that Microsoft was banned everyone's xbox and countless grandparents and parents themselves were not buying xbox's and bought PS3's instead well time to sing.

    a slight adlib of a queen song.

    "Good bye everybody, I've got to go, but sony has gone and thrown it all away."

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    elser1 Guest
    are you trying to convince me to play board games sony? you're doing a great job. that thing with psn purchases.. in australia we have had it for ages.. have 59c in account want a 60c game add on or whatever add $10 to wallet.

    hate that so much... glad shops aren't like this also... i love my ps3 but it may to time to sell it and get a gf i think...

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    krazyka85 Guest
    The End All/ Be All Solution to this whole Madness:

    We need a custom Playstation Network (CPN) that becomes "the standard" meaning not 4 or 5 groups/ teams working on developing their own. If all the elite groups/teams are involved in this one project collectively, they could probably build our own online function.

    This would be a true alternative to PSN in general. Then we would finally enjoy FREEDOM and feel like we TRULY own our hardware/property to do what we want with it as long as we are not accessing something Sony is providing us (PSN). If we create our own network, we will not have to deal with Sony and will not be bound and tied down to one and only one choice on how we use our OWN console/property.

    The newest version of Xlink Kai has a decent idea/ interface on how to connect up with each other. Maybe that could be expanded and reworked in an effort to allow not just LAN/CoOp/system link games over the software (as it does now), but those normal PSN games that are the most popular.

    Drizzt maybe you can get something like that started and use your contacts to spread the word to the other groups?

    What's everyone else think??

  6. #26
    elser1 Guest
    i totally agree.. wouldn't that be great..

  7. #27
    BryanNitro Guest
    It can be done but would take a lot of time and R&D I had friends working on SWGEMU and it took them 5 years to full reverse engineer and compile a working server host using C++.

    so who wants to start reverse engineering killzone 3, call of duty BO, and what ever else.

  8. #28
    crazelunatic Guest
    who cares if they see my butt crack through the ps eye? what needs to be posted is what they are looking for to justify bans... and how to possibly hide/circumvent what there seeking out specifically. Hell ever since getting the latest w/e firmware for my 360 ive been on live silver and have never been hit wit the ms ban hammer...

  9. #29
    Chivafighter Guest
    Hahaha, if they can see me thru the Ps Eye, i'll show my rear. I know the majority of the laws are backing Sony on this, but isn't there any laws that protects us the consumer?

  10. #30
    thebomb5 Guest

    Wink Sony is dead to me!

    I remember when I used to defend Sony from the Xbox fan-boys. I take everything back, this company is pure evil. They are absolutely the worst. They can basically change anything they want in there agreement whenever they want, and people cant do anything about it. You know what keep the PS Plus that I paid for, and all the crappy games I bought from your crappy service.

    I promise you during the PS3's lifetime I will never buy another PS3 game again. And if they keep this outrageous behavior of spying on, and lying to their customers, I will be happy to buy an Xbox 720 instead of a PS4. I hope the hackers and the pirates bring down their little empire. This here by is the last time will ever step foot in, or spend money in PSN again. Sony is dead to me as of now. congratulations SCEA, SCEJ, SCEE and Jack Trenton you've just lost 1 more customer.

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