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Thread: Sony Rolls Out New PSN Terms of Service for PlayStation Plus

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    tjay17 Guest

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    This is just getting too out of hand.

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    victor307664 Guest
    give and take, give and take. What they give is crap and what they take is most useful. We should be use to it by now. I've realized that there is no power to the many, only to the rich.

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    croft72 Guest
    Interesting. It seems like more and more Sony is trying to be in control of what you purchase. And the fact that Sony wants to play big brother by automatically having your system turn on makes this "Playstation Plus" package sound even worse.

    I've always preferred to physically own my games (Disc-based) instead of games that I purchased being digital. Digital games are conveinient but at what cost?

    Its sad to imagine things have come to this. People with a different opinion about Playstation Plus can say what they want. But in my opinion if this is what owning a Playstation Plus PSN account is all about I don't want and will not get it.

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    macca30 Guest
    Ok, if i don't agree to the new terms & conditions I can no longer use my ps3 for what I purchased it (and agreed to when I purchased it) does that mean sony will refund me my money back as they are changing the terms and conditions?

    I would also like a refund for all my games I can no longer play online.

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    Sparky15 Guest
    what does this mean?
    The PS3 will turn on automatically every 2 days to check for system software, game patches and game demos. Firmware updates won’t be applied until you’ve accepted the terms."
    if we get psn+ or for normal users as well?

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    Apr 2005
    That should apply to all PSN users since it's in the Terms Of Service, only the part about losing Type 2 content without renewing promptly would be targeting Plus users from what I can tell.

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