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Thread: Sony Reveals Why PSOne Classics Have No Set PSN Release Date

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    Sony Reveals Why PSOne Classics Have No Set PSN Release Date

    Today the sleuths at (linked above) have uncovered a reply from Sony's PlayStation Store Senior Manager Grace Chen explaining why PSOne Classics have no set PSN release date.

    Although the answer isn't surprising, it's definitely good to know why classics such as Final Fantasy VIII are not available in the States to date.

    To quote: "Ever since Sony announced PSOne Classics for the PSP and PlayStation 3, new releases have been inconsistent and often appear suddenly without any prior announcements.

    Grace Chen, Senior Manager of the PlayStation Store, explain why this is the case on the comment section of the Playstation.Blog:

    There are a variety of reasons that need to be considered when releasing PSOne Classics... code emulation and testing, licensing rights, music clearances, etc.

    Although the process may not always be smooth, Sony has definitely been picking up the pace in 2009 with new PSOne Classics."

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    Wow sorry Grace Chen but that was very obvious, licensing rights must be a pain after all cause the testing could be done fairly easy. What I would like to know is what are you doing to get more psone classics, and if you have a particular list of the upcoming or in "development deals".

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    dreday78 Guest


    I'm just waiting on Suikoden 2, the first one has been on PSN for awhile now.

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    semitope Guest
    psone classics suck for me. THey need to improve how the ps3 plays them by enabling xmb among other things.

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