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    Sony Reveals the PS3 Slim System Could Have Been Smaller

    Sony Computer Entertainment Inc's Masayuki Chatani revealed to Nikkei's TechOn in a recent interview that the PS3 could have been even smaller if they left the power supply on the outside.

    However, if they had done this there would have been issues with transport and easy use. The obvious question: Would you prefer the PlayStation 3 Slim to be even smaller with an external PSU, or is it fine with an internal one?

    To quote: "It was pretty tough to squeeze a power-hungry piece of equipment like the PS3, drawing up to 250W, into a case this small, complete with power supply.

    I think it's a very advanced design, and am really proud of the engineers who achieved it.

    True, the case could have been made even smaller if we'd left the power supply on the outside, but that would have imposed restrictions on transport and use, making it harder to use freely."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    B4rtj4h Guest


    Why do they care so much that it needs to be mobile ?? I think they made the right choice... but seen with the PS2. Maybe they will make even a smaller PS3 ? Just don't hope that it would get such a big box as the 360 has!

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    IMM00RTAL Guest

    Thumbs Up

    I am still an owner of the 80GB. Just to see something smaller is a miracle to me. I think they made the right choice with the internal power supply.

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    Warrorar Guest

    Big Grin

    fat ps3 rockz

    i would prefer the power supply on the outside. even smaler. pocked ps3 xD
    but i don't really care because i don't like the look of the ps3 slim.

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    Agreed. The looks are just like an old gameconsole... i like the smooth lines from the PS3 Phat ^^.

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    mysteryman1011 Guest
    I agree they made the right decision about the power supply on the inside,anyway i like the look of the slim version

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    Mantagtj Guest
    yeh for instance have you seen the 360 external psu, lol, you made your decision now sony so who gives a damn? lol
    merry xmas ps3newsers

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    DSpider Guest
    I don't think it's that big of a deal weather it's on the inside or the outside. I don't think any of the millions of PS2 owners ever complained about it. And yeah, it's not a portable console, especially since it was fitted with movable parts (HDD and BluRay drive).

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Stick it in your pocket!

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    greqo Guest


    Am I one of the only 15 people who actually liked the original size/look of the original PS3?

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